Semis of the Liga MX Femenil, an unprecedented crossing and another with history

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The Semifinals of Opening 2021 in the Liga MX Femenil they begin this Friday in Guadalajara with the Atlas vs. Striped in an unprecedented crossing in this instance, while at night, America honors the champions Tigres, in the third match in the run-up to the Final between these two teams.

The Red and black will play for the second time a series of semifinals and the first before regal. They will do it in the Jalisco, in an environment of the most positive in the institution for what is lived in the pink category and the historical Final of the Foxes on the MX League.

Rayadas want one more Final to continue in pursuit of those of the UANL, the top winners of the circuit with four titles and Monterrey They are its closest hunter, since the Eagles have only reached the Final once, while the royal squad has done it four times, transferring to the Classic Regio to a rivalry for the titles in Female.

A woman among men

Of the four teams installed in the Semifinals, only one of them is led by a woman: Eva Mirror. Striped comes from the hand of the coach who seeks to stand out among the experienced Roberto Medina, from Tigres Femenil; Craig Harrington, the new bet of América Femenil, and Fernando Samayoa, with Female Atlas.

Mirror came to the Sultana of the north for this campaign after passing with Pachuca. She is the first coach to be crowned in the women’s soccer with the League Cup 2017 at the command of the Hidalgo squad and it is the one that has been closest to doing so, too. Liga MX Women when they played the first League Final in A2017, but fell to Chivas.

Roberto Medina is the one with the most experience as DT with a career in the women’s football from National teams. He has won two titles in a row since coming to the UANL from the Opening 2019 and for this semester he could become a three-time champion. He is the only one who knows what it is to raise the glass, well Craig Harrington neither Fernando Samayoa they have succeeded.

Samayoa has the thorn of not passing Semis. It was at the Clausura 2021 when he finally led the Red and black up to this point and were eliminated by Chivas in an edition of the Classic Tapatío in Final Phase.

For his part, the strategist of the blue cream live his first tournament on the mexican league being the bet of change for the board after the cessation of Leonardo Cuéllar. The Englishman is the first foreign strategist to qualify, in addition to achieving it in his first campaign on the bench.


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