Martinoli laughs at Zague for going out in Familia P.Luche: You were sad

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The ‘rivalry‘that exists between Televisa and TV Azteca he beyond sports, then Zague, iconic commentator who teams up with Christian Martinoli and Luis Garcia, worked for a while with the competition, appearing in the P. Luche Family next to Eugenio Derbez, a fact that generated a lot of ridicule among his peers.

Zague He was in Televisa prior to signing with TV Azteca, where he had a fleeting appearance in the P.Luche family that very few remember, so when it came to light with Martinoli, he He couldn’t help but laugh at the former Americanist.

Zague’s appearance in the P.Luche Family

A few years ago Zague worked next to Eugenio Derbez in this series, which had a great boom due to the comedy they handled and the personality of the characters; the ex-footballer did not play a leading role but it did cause reactions between Luis García and Martinoli.

“They ever worked together, right? Don’t tell me, the episode was censored or it aired. Since then Zaguito has stumbled, right? It seems that there was not much budget. Before so warm and now so exposed “Martinoli said.

Luis Garcia, contrary to what he said Martinoli in the program ‘Los Protagonistas’, he recognized the performance of Zague in this chapter de the P. Luche Family, where the former player pretended to trip after Ludovica faked an illness to avoid working.

“Let’s see, let’s see it … no, no, there is Zaguito, Zaguito, great performance Zaguito”, Confessed Luis García.

Zague he only had that little moment during the Serie but it was enough for Luis García and Martinoli They made fun of him, because beyond the theme, seeing him in a moment of comedy was very funny, especially because of the role he now has in TV Azteca.


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