La Jornada – UNAM medical students demand “decent internship”

UNAM medical students demanded “a decent boarding school”, because they denounced that in addition to the lack of just over a hundred places for the number of students there are, the institution opened some that were closed due to situations of sexual violence and assaults of the crime.

The hundreds of students marched from La Bombilla Park to the Rectory and from there they went to the Faculty of Medicine in Ciudad Universitaria.

With signs that read “decent boarding school, we are missing 124 places!” and “my life is worth more than an 8.8 (in relation to the rating) #InternadoSeguro and not to harassment”, the young people stood at the doors of the Rectory where they shouted “Let Graue come down!”; “Graue is also a doctor!” and Graue, listen, the doctor is in the fight ”.

In their request, the young people demanded a “greater number of places in decent conditions. “The number of places offered must always be equal to the number of students enrolled in the current year. It is the responsibility of the Secretariat for Clinical Teaching, Internship and Social Service (SECISS) to verify that this requirement is always met before starting the Public Act for the Selection of Places and Registration for the Medical Internship.

“Due to what happened on December 7, 2021, in which 124 students did not have a place assigned under the precedent that since December 1, 1,113 pages were offered even though there were only 989 places.”

Ivonne, one of the students who was assigned a place, also denounced that there is no gender perspective in the treatment of pregnant students. He said that in his case after giving birth on January 2, 2019, he entered the hospital on January 6 at the José María Morelos y Pavón hospital in Santa Martha, and from his home it took him more than an hour to get to that hospital.

“I asked for a change to be closer to home, and they told me that if I couldn’t continue with the race at that time, to cancel my career.”

Another student, who preferred anonymity, stated that in the selection of the medical internship “colleagues who have 8.9 and 8.8 average sent them, made them decide under coercion a place outside of Mexico City. Places that were disabled, either due to sexual abuse, theft of materials and insecurity, that is disappearance, kidnapping and murder ”.

He explained that the fifth-year generation is made up of more than 1,100 students and 124 were left without a choice, they were told that in January they were being told where they were going to be positioned without the right to select it, when the internship begins in January ”.

Those who coerced them were sent to Tamaulipas, Nuevo Laredo and Monterrey and they don’t even care about the new Omicron variant, that they have no relatives there and the economic and insecure conditions.

They demanded their right to decide and “treated them with the tip of the foot, with negligence and with long lines.” They also asked “an increase in the payment of the scholarship to Undergraduate Internal Physicians (MIP’s). The administrative authorities of the Secretariat of Clinical Teaching, Internship and Social Service, as well as the Directorate of the Faculty of Medicine, must make this effort ”.


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