Cervecera sets the standard in green mobility

On the way to becoming a 100% sustainable company, Model group innovates in the logistics segment by rolling out the first fleet of fully electric heavy-duty units in the country on the streets of Mexico City.

While there are a good number of companies that have begun their transition to a green future, the brewery that is part of AB InBev has developed, in collaboration with the brand china BYD and MGAMI Industrial Manufacturing, the first vehicles capable of transporting more than 10 tons and at the same time reducing its impact on the environment significantly. It is not about ecological vans, but about an electric fleet of 20 heavy trucks and 15 forklifts that will depart from three distribution centers in Mexico City, to which at least another 30 trucks and 20 forklifts will be added next year.


“We are proud of this historical and sustainable innovation that we have finally put on foot and that we have prepared for years. This is directly related to our sustainability goal of reducing carbon emissions by 25% by 2025 and now, by 2040, of achieving net zero emissions in our value chain. We have just announced this last goal as a company this week, “he said. Rodrigo Albuquerque, Director of Logistics at Grupo Modelo. “We want to significantly encourage this transport model, it is the way to really help the country, the planet. For us, sustainability is not part of our business, it is our business ”.

The unit is a model eT8A with capacity to support over 11 tons; the hybrid aluminum-steel body features lift curtains and six pallets. The powertrain has a range of up to 160 kilometers (considering maximum routes per day of 70 kilometers), and the charging time for each vehicle is two and a half hours. Just one charge can last three to four days.


Green mobility

As part of the group of companies that have undertaken significant actions in the environmental field, Grupo Modelo decided to invest just over 60 million pesos in this logistical reconversion project that includes a specific and ambitious objective: that 500 trucks of its distribution fleet be electric by 2025.

Compared to the 25.6 tons of CO2 that a vehicle that transports diesel emits annually on average (equivalent to what 1,218 trees absorb), this mobile innovation from Modelo in Mexico reduces the amount of CO2 per year to 16.6 tons (what 794 trees), which represents a reduction in emissions of almost 40%.


360 security

In addition to autonomy, what characterizes the beer company’s new cargo vehicles is their technology and safety. They are connected 24/7 to a control tower in Aguascalientes that, through cameras in the cabin and telemetry, monitors in real time the path of each driver with a total visibility of 360 degrees.

“We always try to generate learning and perfect our processes and vehicles. Here we connect sustainability with people’s safety, which will always be a priority for Grupo Modelo. This is a very clear example of the great transformation that as a company we began months ago. Our new purpose is to dream big to create a future with more reasons to toast. With the launch of this project, there is a great reason, ”said Albuquerque.
Even the artificial intelligence used in each vehicle is not only capable of measuring energy consumption. Its facial recognition camera system detects symptoms of fatigue and distraction during tours.


In addition to the implementation of technology for this topic of green mobility, the company to which brands such as Corona, Victoria and Pacific, initiates its strategy of sustainability initiatives with training and financing projects for farmers, water care and support for communities located in basins with high water stress, as well as returnability and recycling. All these actions have their respective goal to 2025.


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