5 ways to invest your money to protect it from inflation

Inflation in our country will reach the highest margin observed in the last 20 years. For November and December 2021, it will exceed the 7.0% level, warned Jonathan Heath, the deputy governor of Banco de México (Banxico).

With inflation, products and services cost more and more and the value of money decreases over time. This means that, for example, if last year we had a thousand extra pesos and we had enough to buy 5 books, with those same thousand pesos in 2021, we could not buy the same amount of books. This, because inflation rose.

The current uncontrolled inflation is not an exclusive phenomenon of Mexico, it is also present worldwide.

Faced with this increase in inflation in the country, our savings in the bank may lose value. For this reason, it is important to protect the money we keep. It is necessary to make sure that the money we earn earns interest and this helps us fight inflation.

Here are some safe forms of investment that shield our savings from rising inflation.

  1. 28-day cetes. Cetes are one of the safest investments in the Mexican financial system. Currently they pay 5.20 percent, which would be the return they would give us for our money.
  2. 1-year cetes. The 1-year Cetes pay 6.48 percent. In this case, one year the loss would be less, and we would practically shield our money from the inflation that will occur at the end of 2021.
  3. Udibonos. Also, they can be purchased from the Cetes Directo page. They are Investment Units payable in pesos and were created so that their value grows in line with inflation. In this case, the money in UDIS’s will never lose value due to inflation. They pay interest every 6 months based on a fixed rate, plus the profit or loss that is indexed to the behavior of the UDI’s. The 3-year Udibonos are at + 2.40% (plus inflation).
  4. FIBERS. Fibras are trusts that invest money in real estate. Fibra Uno (FUNO), is one of the most recommended, as they usually put the money in various properties. To invest it is necessary to do so through a brokerage firm such as GBM + or Grupo Actinver.
  5. Invest in gold. In this case, it is not about buying the gold physically, but about looking for a fund that invests in gold. Brokerage houses like GBM + have access to these gold investment funds.

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