This is the new way thieves track your car to steal it at night

A new method to track vehicles and steal them at night has become fashionable among thieves, as they have used technology to profit and commit different crimes.

According to the authorities, it is the use of the “Apple AirTag”, a compact tool that due to its size can be placed in wallets or keys to easily locate them from the cell phone.

This new way of stealing has become fashionable in countries like Canada but it has also been seen in different parts of the world, so the authorities remain vigilant.

Thieves in Canada have found a novel use for Apple’s AirTags locator devices, and they use them to track down those vehicles that they want to end up stealing.

As explained by the York Regional Police in the Ontario area of ​​Canada, thieves now use these Apple AirTags to track vehicles that they will later steal.

Basically what they do is place a tracker in an inconspicuous place on the car, to track it. Once the car is in an area that they consider easy for it to be stolen, they approach and with traditional methods, they take the vehicle.

In this way, criminals are armed with AirTags and when they see a high-end vehicle parked in a place in the city, they place the tracker on it. Then with location tracking capabilities they follow the vehicle until it reaches an area where it is easily removable.

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The York Region Police have investigated five incidents in which suspects have used Apple AirTags to take high-end vehicles. They basically target valuable vehicles in public places, such as cars that are parked on the street or in unsafe parking lots, attach the AirTag and wait for the right moment.

While Apple offers anti-tracking features that alert users that a nearby AirTag is tracking them, this basically requires having an iPhone or other Apple device that supports the feature.

However, the York Regional Police consider these thefts as a growing risk that is going to increase in the coming months.

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