They compare the graphic differences of the Halo Infinite campaign on all consoles

The campaign of Halo Infinite is now available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers worldwide. The analyzes are available to the players at the same time as the title itself, so we already have all kinds of images taking advantage of the power of the new generation of consoles. However, it is also interesting to be able to appreciate the graphical differences that the new Halo looks like between Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One.

For this reason, Digital Foundry, the well-known group of technical analysts, has published an article in Eurogamer along with a video in which compare the graphic differences of the Halo Infinite campaign on all consoles. You can see the video below.

A user tests how many enemies can be killed with a single headshot in Halo Infinite

In short, all platforms use dynamic resolution along with image reconstruction techniques to improve clarity. On Xbox One We have a target resolution of 1080 pixels at 30 fps, with dynamic resolution coming into play to maintain frame stability, being able to range between 720p and 1080 depending on the scene. Analysts also note the presence of an uneven frame pacing, producing a feeling of instability despite having a fairly solid frame rate.

In the case of Xbox One X, we have a quality mode and a performance mode to be chosen by the player. The quality mode aims at a resolution of 4K at 30 fps, again, the resolution is variable and can go down to that mentioned, but it remains at a high number of pixels at all times. In the case of performance mode, the target resolution is 1440 pixels and maintains a rate of between 45 and 60 fps, being the preferred mode of analysts on this platform.

They compare the graphic differences of the Halo Infinite campaign on all consoles

As for the new generation consoles, S series It has a lower quality mode than the One X, offering a resolution of only 1080p (although in this case without being reduced because of the dynamic resolution) at 30 fps, and some minor differences in texture and shadow filtering. Regarding the performance mode, again the S Series works at a lower resolution than the One X (between 960 and 1080p) but offers a considerably more stable 60 fps.

Finally, X series It is the jewel in the crown in this regard, offering a quality mode with a target resolution of 4K and 60 fps. The resolution stays fairly close to your target at all times, although there are drawbacks due to dynamic resolution. In addition to this, Series X also has a 120 fps mode with a resolution of between 960 and 1440p, for those users who have screens with high refresh rates.

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