Liga MX Apertura 2021: Daniel Osorno on this generation of the Atlas: “Today is a new story”

Daniel Osorno, former player of the Rojinegros de Atlas, platic this wednesday exclusively for BRAND Claro MVS On the final of the Tapatos against the Len in this Apertura 2021, he assured that this new generation is making its own history, this after making a comparison of the 1999 team, where he was part of the institution.

“In our generation it was a team of many young people, maybe we lacked that experience on penalties, but for us it was one of the best finals, but we gave it our all. Today is a new story, with a new board of directors, with new players, with a hobby that is new to young and old. we are supporting from outside “, Osorno commented.

In addition, he revealed that he feels very excited in this final and that he supports them unconditionally: “I’m excited, over 22 years of not being in a final and we are very happy. People are crazy about the champion team and it will not be easy at all, but we have a lot of faith that Atlas starts tomorrow so that they will close here on Sunday at home. ”

On the faithful red and black fans he commented: “What impacts the generations of the Atlas is what you see, The fans are very loyal. Hopefully the players realize what it means to the fans. “

He concluded by talking about what Diego Cocca can bring to this team: “I think before it was a round trip, it was an impressive dynamic. Now football has changed a lot. Diego Cocca has worked and we hope that the teams will open in the final “.


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