Alleged phone call to harm Pumas against Atlas

The elimination of Pumas at the hands of Atlas in the semifinal of Opening 2021 it continues giving what to talk about. From the university complex they have spared no effort to make complaints to the MX League for a match in which they consider they were harmed by arbitration decisions that ended up being decisive for the final score.


The play that has generated the most controversy was an alleged penalty on Juan Ignacio Dinenno after a nudge from Anderson Santa Maria that earned him a broken nose for the Argentine forward. In addition, in that same action the defender of the rojinegros clearly touched the ball with his forearm and changed the direction of the ball; However, none of them were worth the penalty for the head judge.

Everything has taken on a malevolent thread after some statements by David Faitelson that continue to “add fuel to the fire” and have reopened the debate on how much the university students were harmed at the Jalisco Stadium. In the ‘Chronometer’ program, The controversial Mexican journalist affirmed that there was a telephone call during the meeting in which it was indicated that they should not charge a penalty in favor of the Auriazules.

“Gilberto Alcalá says that last night there was a phone call and they say ‘do not score a penalty’, directly to the VAR”Faitelson commented to his fellow panelist, José Ramón Fernández. “So fast?”, asked the second, to which David replied: “So, there was a phone call: ‘don’t score a penalty’”.

“Who could make a phone call?”, questioned José Ramón. “I do not know i do not know”, Faitelson finished. This has only fueled the controversy that was generated in a meeting that is being reviewed with a ‘magnifying glass’ by all those involved.

Faitelson highlights Gilberto Alcalá, former whistler, as a source of information. And after his words, many remembered Héctor Huerta, also a journalist from the same television house, when he stated a year ago that there was a “call” to the cement players during the meeting between Blue Cross and Pumas in which the university students came back from a 0-4 advantage to advance to the final.


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