Julián Araujo, the Tri member who wants to help Mexican migrants in the United States

The side of the Galaxy tries to support his compatriots who do a hard work in the field with different actions

Julian AraujoBefore soccer, he got to know work in the field. The Mexican national team grew up in a family that forged their future as peasants in the United States, far from the glamor of soccer and their native country, Mexico. Therefore, the player who could debut with him Tricolor in view of chili, has two projects: playing in Europe and helping migrants who work as day laborers in the Stars and Stripes territory.

“Yes, he has done some activities to help Mexican migrants, on some occasions he brought them free lunches, then they made a monetary donation to help them in their situation. My husband and my parents have always worked in the fields, my husband Jorge worked in the fields for more than 15 years. Julián carries that inside, he likes to thank people and is always looking for a way to help him, he has many ideas to do it, ”his mother María Guadalupe Araujo tells ESPN Digital.

Araujo he learned to kick the ball on his own. His father dedicated to the field, like six million other Mexican migrants in USAHe saw how his son was passionate about basketball first and then goalkeeping, he played as a forward in soccer and now, as a professional, he is a winger in Los Angeles Galaxy. “I did not know where he learned that,” confesses Jorge Araujo.

“He says that when he has more possibilities, he would like to establish a union or committee, so that Mexican farmers or farmers of other nationalities are paid honestly, that appreciation is shown for the work that is done throughout the country,” explains María Guadalupe Araujo.

Soccer can bring a child who grew up in Santa Barbara, California, to Europe wearing the men’s T-shirt. Chivas and he was recruited by a Barcelona affiliate, concerned about the conditions of other members of his community. For now, after rejecting the selection of USA, the mission is to debut with Mexico, the nation of his parents and grandparents, the country that he always supported at the World Cups.

“He always saw the Mexican team since he was a child, because we all saw it, I think it was not difficult to make the decision,” says his father, Jorge Araujo García. “When he made the final decision, he thanks United Statesyes, but he remembered that every four years he saw Mexico in the World Cup and that entered his mind, being a professional and playing for Mexico. At the time of making his decision, he said that with Mexico, his heart guided him ”.


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