Fatty liver: these are the 7 foods to avoid

Fatty liver occurs when triglycerides and fatty acids are excessively retained in liver cells. Usually, according to experts, this problem of Health It occurs in people with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and also bad cholesterol. This pathology has serious consequences for humans, therefore specialists suggest eliminating 7 food of healthy diet.

The first two mitigating factors to be eliminated (or at least reduced) in order not to present a fatty liver over the years it is salt and sugar. Consuming too much salt will cause fluid retention and weight gain, forcing the liver to work above its normal levels, while with regard to food sweets, a diet rich in sugar will help fat settle in the liver and cause inflammation.

Alcohol will also have to be eliminated from a daily diet since it will not only attack the fatty liver, but also with different diseases that will harm the Health of the person. According to experts, when metabolized in this organ, the drink generates an increase in triglycerides and can produce harmful substances.

Red meat and sausages will have to be kept out of the diet so as not to contract fatty liver. On the one hand, red meat has saturated fats that favor the development of fatty liver, therefore its consumption should be more than moderate. On the other hand, food sausages will also affect the Health since they contain saturated fats and this will increase the chances of suffering from the aforementioned disease.

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Finally, there are two foods that should be restricted or, at least, avoided as much as possible. One of them is dairy products that have fat, such as cheeses, because they will cause the development of the fatty liver. While the baked goods will also be unhealthy products as it contributes to the accumulation of visceral fat.

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