Drivers ranking after the Saudi Arabian GP

After 21 races contested on the Formula 1 calendar, this is the hierarchical order that takes into account each of the competitions and therefore is a rise and fall of qualifications and emotions

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1 (1) Lewis Hamilton – Mental toughness and handling have Hamilton on the brink of his eighth world title. Three consecutive victories make him the favorite in Abu Dhabi. He is ready to make history.

2 (1) Max Verstappen – A return to history, the one left by the Dutchman on Saturday. Even if it has ended up against the wall, that moment will remain for the compilations about the 2021 season. And then, on Sunday, more photos for that collection with a tough battle and on the edge of the unethical with Hamilton. The pressure is against Max heading into the last race of the year. The moment favors the defending champion.

3 (4) Valtteri Bottas – It doesn’t always get the job done, but now it’s done in a timely manner. His Sundays are still a gamble, but if Mercedes wins the Constructors’ title it will be thanks to him.

4 (3) Checo Pérez – Recently Martin Brundle suggested that Bottas would play a more prominent role than the Mexican driver at the end of this season. In Jeddah, that’s how it was: Bottas qualified better and in the race Bottas climbed to the podium. Checo Pérez on Sunday had bad luck with the red flag and then on the track he was crashed by Leclerc and his participation was over.

5 (6) Charles Leclerc – He qualified fourth and then fell a bit victim to the red and yellow flags. Either way, Charles is on a streak of good results that catapults him to the Top 5.

6 (7) Pierre Gasly – The performance of the Frenchman was very even: he qualified sixth and finished sixth. Another weekend that adds bonuses for the young man who with these performances strengthens his intention to return to Red Bull.

7 (5) Carlos Sainz – A bad qualification that Sunday translated into points, that’s what it’s all about.

8 (9) Fernando Alonso – Weekend to forget. Defeated in all of them by Ocon who almost got to the podium. Alonso fought with the car, with the track and with the lower part of the peloton all chaotic Sunday.

9 (12) Esteban Ocon – He deserved the podium just because of the restart where he got between Verstappen and Hamilton. Bottas stole the trophy in the last meters, but Esteban brings an Alpine.

10 (8) Lando Norris – Neither luck nor the car have been on the side of the Briton, who had a brilliant first part of the season, but has gone flat. Leclerc already passed it in the championship; Sainz is very close and everything indicates that Ricciardo will also make up the final figures very well.

eleven (9) Daniel Ricciardo – He closes the year better than his teammate, but clearly McLaren has fallen in performance, just when Daniel had already coupled to the car.

12 (16) Antonio Giovinazzi – Gio, in his penultimate F1 race managed to return to the points zone – since Monaco he was not top 10-. Finally good luck accompanied his sober performance and it is a good way to say goodbye to the Great Circus.

13 (10) Sebastian Vettel – Poor Michael, Aston Martin is a disgrace and on top of that everyone decided it was a good idea to crash him on the narrow track in Saudi Arabia.

14 (13) George Russell – Russell no longer shines. Perhaps Williams has such a recycled car that English is no longer Mr. Saturday (for the good grades) and this Sunday his attempt ended when the Haas de Mazepón crashed into him.

fifteen (19) Lance Stroll – He’s improved a lot after a disastrous rating from the team that his dad pays sky-high salaries for but was only able to beat Haas on Saturday.

16 (15) Yuki Tsunoda – Following his brilliant stint in Turkey and the United States, Tsunoda is once again the rookie struggling to keep up with his teammate and the competition in general. Qualifying in Jeddah was not bad, but on Sunday another missed opportunity.

17 (14) Kimi Raikkonen – Kimi is like a child before the holidays, he no longer wants to know anything about anything, he urges retirement, but still he had his interesting duels with Vettel.

18 (18) Nicholas Latifi – If Russell is missing, the Canadian is filler on the grid, as he has been for much of the season, if not all of it.

19 (17) Mick Schumacher – The crash on lap 10 was very strong and the result of an error by the German. It was not, again, a good weekend for him.

twenty (20) Nikita Mazepin – A second behind Mick in qualifying and on Sunday, without direct blame, he ended up against the rear of Russell’s Williams.


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