Cruz Azul asked for a figure and multi-champion of River Plate: Paulo Díaz

Figure, multi-champion with River Plate, immovable of Marcelo Gallardo in defense, international with the Chile selection, with skills to play central and on both bands, 27 years old; that would be the perfect reinforcement for Cruz Azul and already had approaches until Argentina to ask about him.


Is about Paulo Diaz, who in addition to celebrating the Argentina Cup and Super Cup in 2019, was part of Historic Millionaire squad that won the Professional Soccer League title a couple of weeks ago, after seven years of drought in the local tournament, in addition, as a pillar and fundamental piece in the scheme of the ‘Muñeco’ Gallardo.

According to information from the Argentine journalist, César Luis Merlo, Cruz Azul is interested at Chilean defender Paulo Díaz, as possible reinforcement for the Closing 2022, so already approached River Plate to ask for his file, and although for the moment the answer was negative, hinted that The Machine could insist.

Paulo Díaz could be the ideal replacement for Pablo Aguilar, who ends his contract in June of next year, but due to his qualities he could also play for both bands; especially left in place dand Adrián Aldrete, who lost prominence in the last tournament. However, once again the high cost of his token could be the impediment in La Noria to bring him.


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