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Now, to give the stove football that is already boiling. First, the winter novel. Go despapaye that already armed itself with the ‘prohibited exchange’ between America and Chivas for Antuna and Córdova. And I’m going to tell you something that millions of fans in this country will be very pleased with: everything is nowhere to fall and remain a mere anecdote.

After the barter was already in the oven, the clubs had reached an agreement, that Sebas would get to make the Olympic dumbbell with Vega that Marcelito Michel wanted and that the Brujo painted as the right-hand midfielder that Solari is so urgent today both clubs put the brakes on.

One of my ears tells me: “so much noise was made on the networks that today we no longer know if it will be done.” Just as you read it. It turns out that there was so much comment against it, with labels like #AntunaNoFirmes, the volume from both hobbies that opposed the exchange was such that they are now analyzing whether it will not be a worse mistake to close the deal.

What would you care about more, having a profitable reinforcement and according to the needs of your team, or that tradition prevails regardless of the sporting benefit? What a power that the fans showed.


First I write to you about the Assembly of Patrons of Doña Fede, which was the most boring, although that in the end is good. In addition to what you already know was announced, I will tell you things that are relevant in the future.

From the outset, there were no hats or anything like that, all lined up and only Inge De Luisa and Mikel Arriola spoke, two hours of many reports, especially the money report.

Doña Liga MX ends up delivering good accounts in the first year of Mikel’s management despite the hit of the pandemic, losses were visualized, but the income stabilization plan worked, so everyone is happy. The tournament will end this 2021 with black numbers and even with profits, something that several did not expect.

In addition to approving the tight calendar of 2022 and the return of the process to ascend and descend for 2023, a very good one is that it was finally agreed to create a Protocol against Violence and Discrimination, the first of its kind in our football, at last so that all members of this industry have clear rules on how to behave, create awareness and be an example. In the following months we will know fully what this is about, which is the first public policy that is proposed and in the Assembly next May it will be included in the regulations.


How it makes me laugh to read all those who believe that the penalty that Pérez Durán ate yesterday to make Atlas advance is the result of the control that Irarragorri has in Doña Liga. They see it as too powerful for what it really is. If he were influential enough to arrange for his Foxes to be champions, his Saints would have been crowned the previous Final against Blue CrossDid they forget the goal they claimed out of place in the scoring with which La Maquina won the title?

It is true that the Orlegis patron has acquired greater influence in our soccer, but no more than Chucho Martínez and his Grupo Pachuca, much less than Salinas Pliego or Azcárraga, who continue to be the ones who split the cheese in this industry.

What happened in Jalisco, the knife that the University was subjected to, has a main responsible and it seems that nobody sees it: Arturo Brizio Carter, who has not managed to correct what is clearly one of the great problems of our football , arbitration. Pérez Durán is wrong because he is inept, for lack of judgment, because he does not have the proper instruction, because after watering it he will receive a pat on the back and continue as if nothing had happened. The Arbitration Commission is kidnapped and the fans are creating stories around instead of pointing out the true person responsible for the robbery in the desert that we all saw in Jalisco. Simple as that.


What I did like is seeing the celebration in the box of the athletic board of one of Pepe Riestra’s daughters, Maitana, shouting at the top of her lungs: “We are in the Final, we are in the Final!” That’s what soccer is about. What an image he gave us, full of feeling and passion.

And the thing is that the little girl has breathed soccer all her life, thanks to the dream her father pursued. Before getting to work with Irarragorri, Pepe was dedicated to the financial issue, after graduating from Anahuac, he spent several years working in Inbursa, until he was encouraged to look for a chance with the boss of the Orlegis.

It was back in 2007 when he learned that Irarragorri was in a restaurant in Santa Fe, he went to look for him and Alejandro told him: “You have 15 minutes.” Riestra explained that his dream was to work in the football industry, he told him about his profile and convinced the owner of Santos. Have you not seen that they are like two drops of water? But he gave him two options: join the commercial team of the Lagunero club in CDMX or be the Technical Secretary in Torreón, with everything that involves the exhausting organization and coordination of a team and the move to an unknown and distant city. Pepe chose the latter and that’s when the story with the organization began. Let’s see the next chapter with the Final for the Atlas.


It turns out that another of the signings that the Coapa club had in its sights, Diego Valdés, got complicated, because they tell me that he already had two competitors in the race for Santos’ ’10’: Tigres and Rayados. As always, those on the ticket.

They tell me that the decision of the future of the Chilean passes more by the footballer than by the Torreón club, since the three offers to the Lagunero club are practically the same amount and it will be the proposal to Diego that will make him decide finally. The final sprint is coming.


With the arrival of Nacho Ambriz at the helm of the DevilsAs I told you, the players who did not perform and some tall ones with medium hair are coming. But what does not cease to amaze is that the most dangerous soccer player in Toluca, who was more involved in the offensive creation, captain and moral leader of Chorizo ​​Power, was also shown the exit door: Rubens Sambueza.

Between Nacho and Rubens there is no chemistry, on the contrary, there is so much tension that it is cut with a knife. They tell me that the best options for Sambu are Necaxa, Xolos or Mazatlán, clubs that have already expressed interest in the footballer who, at 37 years old, still has talent to share.



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