They forgave a penalty to Atlas against Pumas for elbowing Santamaría

Mexico City /

The Semifinal between Atlas and Pumas was marked by a controversial decision by the whistling Jorge Antonio Pérez Durán, who did not dare to score a penalty in favor of the university students for an elbow from Anderson Santamaría on Juan Dinenno, or failing that, a hand from him. player, as he carried her up and in a position that was not natural.

When the 86th minute of the game was running, Alan Mozo sent a center with a lot of poison from the right zone, which Dinenno himself and Washington Corozo went to look for, although neither of them could finish as they would have liked due to the appearance of Santamaría.

The Peruvian clearly appeared with his left hand raised and in his movement he put his elbow to Dinenno, who even ended up lying on the grass and needed medical attention to try to calm a nosebleed.

In the same action, Corozo could be seen to finish off with the head, but the same movement of the red-black defender’s hand prevented the ball from taking a dangerous direction.

Jorge Pérez Durán went to the VAR to review the play after he was notified, but considered that there were no elements to score the penalty.

At that moment the scoreboard was 1-0 in favor of Pumas, so a second goal could put Atlas against the canvas.


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