These 5 eating habits can impair vision

Eye care is of the utmost importance, which is why doctors and scientists continue to investigate ways in which the risk of vision loss can be reduced. Now, thanks to recent studies, it is possible to know that not only exposure to the sun, television and computers are harmful, but now it has also been confirmed that some eating habits can damage people’s vision.

According to data from the World Health Organization there are at least 2.2 billion people with visual impairment, where about half could have been avoided with some changes in the way of living. This becomes relevant when it is said that in the coming decades this may continue to increase considerably.

Now, care not only has to do with the time spent in front of a computer, tablet, television or cell phone, but also care must be taken in eating, since recent studies confirmed that some foods and habits can harm the eyes.

The products

The experts at the Baviera Clinic confirmed that it is best to have a balanced diet to have better eye care, Processed products being the first to be eliminated from people’s diet.

Among the food that has to remove or reduce its consumption considerably it is the famous “junk food”, since they contribute empty and harmful calories for the organism. Speaking of the eyes, the affectation would be due to the high level of intake of saturated fats and excess sugars.

It is important that in addition to eating healthy, do it slowly, that is, not do it in a hurry or fast, since you have to do a good digestionas it can help reduce stress.

An important point in the diet is also to eliminate or reduce the alcoholic drinks, since it has empty calories, that is, they do not contribute anything good to the body, but on the contrary if it damages the body.

Another detail that is revealed is that it is recommended that hepeople have pre-established meal times and not skipping meals or changing the schedule, as the body is better prepared to receive food when it has an established system.

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