Cruz Azul fell to Santos Laguna in the U-20 League final

After the disappointing performance of Blue Cross In the repechage, the fans of the Machine turned all their attention to the U-20 which, unlike the first team, managed to reach the final of the League. Although they had managed to win in the first leg Santos Laguna 2-1, luck did not accompany them on the return, they fell to the Laguneros and lost the chance to be champions.


The cement makers had accomplished the great feat of defeating the team of Roberto Omar Tapia in the first final and they took a valuable victory in the first final, but they had to define everything in someone else’s territory. However, they could not assert the advantage as, in the second leg, the purslanes took the lead in the first minutes of the game and quickly tied the aggregate score.

Just in the first half, Joshua Mancha, who had enabled in the first goal, executed a free kick to perfection and made it 2-0 on the scoreboard and began to guide his team towards victory. During the first 45 minutes, those of Torreón were clear dominators and, although they did not extend the advantage in the first half, they did not take long to liquidate the game in the complement.

Five minutes into the second half, with a powerful shot that dug into one of the corners of the Machine’s goal, Jesús Nicolás Ramírez finished the match and gave the title to Santos Laguna before the gaze of a Blue Cross that he could not do much and even less after being with one less player.

With a 3-0 victory in the second leg, Santos won the series 4-2 and became champion for the fifth time in the history of the U-20 category. Now, the footballers of Blue Cross They will go to take a well-deserved rest, enjoy the end of the year with their families and recharge for the next year.


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