Users in Japan will receive other games on PS Plus; western fans are angry

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Every month PlayStation Plus, the popular PlayStation subscription service, surprises gamers with a new batch of free titles. Of course, sometimes the experiences that can be downloaded are not to the liking of the entire community. Unfortunately, it appears that the lineup for December is in that situation.

As often happens in these cases, fans have already expressed their displeasure on social media and forums. While most of the complaints are directed towards the controversial version of GodfallIt seems that the rest of the titles that make up this month’s lineup did not resonate with the players either.

As if the above were not enough, the community in the West found that, in Japan and other regions of Asia, there are some differences in the lineup of games.

What titles will Asian PS Plus subscribers be able to download?

In the case of Japan, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download a total of 4 titles at no additional cost: Godfall: Challenger Edition, LEGO DC Super Villians, The Sexy Brutale and Judgment.

As we can see, Japanese users will miss out on Mortal Shell, but will instead receive the spin-off of Yakuza and the indie game Tequila Works. In case you know us, both titles received very good reviews at the time of their launch.

On the other hand, and as in the West, members of the subscription service in other regions of Asia will receive Godfall: Challenger Edition, LEGO DC Super Villians and Deadly Shell. However, they will also be able to download Judgment as an added bonus. Of course, this situation did not please Western subscribers. Of course, we must emphasize that it is extremely common for PS Plus video games to be different in each region, so it should not surprise us.

But tell us, what did you think of the PlayStation Plus lineup for December? Let us read you in the comments.

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