Rihanna’s strange phobia that does not correspond to her photos

The famous singer Rihanna She is originally from Barbados, a beautiful and paradise island in the Caribbean. The singer grew up surrounded by beaches with turquoise waters and with a very varied marine fauna. The memories of her country of origin have always accompanied her and that is why Rihanna enjoys being at sea so much, since she has been photographed countless times, wearing a tiny bikini, sunbathing on the beach.

Rihanna on the beach

Rihanna on the beach

Although this may seem the most normal thing in the world, the truth is that for a person who suffers from ichthyophobia, this scenario would be hell instead of paradise. The interpreter of “Bitch Better Have My Money” suffers from this strange phobia, which is fear of fish.

The artist enjoys swimming in the sea, but if a school of fish dares to approach her, she could immediately suffer a panic attack It could leave her paralyzed in place or desperately crying out for help. The singer has confessed that on several occasions she has had to be helped while at sea, since she cannot control her fear of fish.

Rihanna into the sea

Rihanna into the sea

This phobia can be somewhat contradictory for his followers, since it is not understood how he can look so happy in his photos at sea and suffer from this variation of zoophobia. This phobia, in general, is usually suffered after going through some traumatic events that have involved the presence of fish, such as stings, attacks and bites. Generally, the first episodes related to this phobia usually appear in childhood, but it can develop at any age.

In many cases, direct contact with the fish is not necessary to develop this fearSince some movies, series, documentaries and television shows can be so shocking that they can directly affect the person causing this phobia. Also, the bad reputation of some fish can cause this fear, for example: Piranhas, puffer fish or barracudas.

Experts indicate that people who suffer from this type of phobia usually avoid any environment where they can find fishThis includes: beaches, rivers, lakes and oceans. Apparently, Rihanna has managed very well not to sacrifice one of her favorite places for the presence of these marine animals.

It is necessary to mention that, in Rihanna’s case, ichthyophobia is caused by schools of fish or by direct contact with them in an aquatic environment. The singer has no problem including fish in her daily diet, in fact, fresh fish is one of the favorite foods of the Barbadian and she usually consumes it regularly.. Eating “her fears” is probably not one of the most professional practices to overcome her phobia, but it seems to work for her.

This disorder is considered an unusual phobia and it is classified in the fourth edition of the Manual of Statistical Diagnosis of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association as an excessive fear. Along with Rihanna, English footballer Peter Grant also suffers from this phobia.

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