offers up to 100 GB for 550 pesos per month

GamePlanet + Gamers, the merger of the two most important video game chains in Mexico, has entered the competition of virtual mobile operators in Mexico with Gamers Mobile, has revealed Altán.

The Red Compartida operator in Mexico has revealed the launch of Gamers Mobile, the new GamePlanet + Gamers OMV with a clear focus on video game lovers and with huge amounts of mobile data as the main attraction.

Up to 100GB to play

At the moment Gamers Mobile does not have a web page with the details of its commercial offer, with the sale of SIM cards directly in GamePlanet + Gamers stores. However, Nerdcore Podcast revealed in its latest broadcast the details of Gamers Mobile’s plans.

The new OMV in Mexico handles three packages:

  • Casual Gamer, the cheapest with 8 GB for 200 pesos per month.
  • Pro Gamer, the medium with 40 GB for 350 pesos per month. 250 pesos in option without sharing internet.
  • Hardcore Gamer, the oldest with 100 GB for 550 pesos per month. By launch, its price will be 500 pesos.
Gamers Mobile Omv Mexico Commercial Offer Plans Packages

All three packages allow internet sharing, although it is important to note that the Pro Gamer medium package has a cheaper option of 250 pesos per month without the possibility of sharing data. According to the podcast, it applies a policy of fair use in data consumption, of 20 GB in the medium package and 50 GB in the largest package, with browsing at a reduced speed of 5 Mbps.

In addition to the large amounts of data, the first two Gamers Mobile packages include 1,500 minutes for calls, 500 SMS in the Casual Gamer, and 1,000 SMs in the Pro Gamer. The Hardcore Gamer major plan includes 10,000 minutes and 1,000 SMS. An important detail to mention is that all services can be used in Mexico, the United States and Canada, according to information shared on the podcast.

Finally, the launch of the new OMV is carried out in Mexico in alliance with Xbox, for which in the purchase of a month of Game Pass Ultimate in the GamePlanet + Gamers stores, a Gamers Mobile SIM with 5 GB for 30 days will be given as a gift, and In the purchase of Game Pass Ultimate for three months, in addition to the SIM with 5 GB for 30 days, a grip for Xbox Series X controller.

Gamers Mobile is not the first MVNO focused on gamers in Mexico, since Easter Egg was launched in January, nor is it the first MVNO to offer 100 GB of data, because in fact Vasanta was ahead with this offer last year and Chuliphone a few months ago.

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