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Lhe automotive industry is changing at a speed that we were not used to. Today there is not a single brand in the world that is not busy increasing fun without punishing fuel consumption. And it is that yes, the clients want everything, that the cars are faster and also more efficient.

Historically, the Japanese, forced by the laws that were imposed on them after World War II, had to manufacture light machinery that fulfilled exactly the same functions with which other larger and heavier alternatives did, hence today they have a large part of the task. advanced. They had already started to get lighter before the others.

However, now that it seemed that the route was well advanced, the degree of difficulty has increased, as emissions must also be reduced to a minimum.

With a couple of alternatives on the table, electrification seems inevitable and not just for those big, fuel-hungry vehicles, but also for smaller ones that want to survive.

Neither slow nor lazy, in Suzuki they formed the most popular of their living room, the Swift, which historically has surprised inside and outside the brand for its way of moving and, above all, for never being satisfied with the successes achieved, thus who assumed the change with a good attitude.

To make things interesting, to the formula that we already knew, of a small, agile car that knows how to stand well in the curves, with a very effective and favorable power-to-weight ratio for those who are behind the wheel, today they have added a light hybridization, which assists this hatchback just at the moment it starts to move, in such a way that in each start the Swift is assisted by an electric motor that gives it a push so that the gas block does not do the work only.

With the numbers on the datasheet spinning around in our heads, we settled behind the wheel to kick-start the naturally aspirated 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine. To be honest we expected a slower response from this block, however the reaction from the 82 horsepower was immediate.

Excited we headed to the city to start testing it. It didn’t take long for us to find our first traffic jam, and as soon as we hit the brakes and the car stopped, the start-stop system would kick in to shut off the internal combustion engine while it was not needed. For many, having your car turned off is a tragedy, especially if it is manual like this one, however, as you get used to it, it is something you become familiar with.

It is just at that moment, when the car starts up, that having an electric motor makes sense, because with so many traffic lights and traffic jams in the city, little by little the savings are adding liters of fuel that are not burning.

After the first test, and successfully, we got on the urban highway to go to the serpentine road that would take us to the city of Cuernavaca, where we could increase the speed and realize that the agility that has always characterized this Swif there was.

The five-speed manual transmission allowed us to add a little more flavor to the experience and face the first curves at a good pace and, also, with a speed that is possible to reach quickly, since being a light car that weighs less than a ton and Thanks to the internal combustion engine plus an electric generator configuration, the response is good, with a torque that, while taking only 79 foot-pounds from the combustion engine, benefits from the help of the electric drive that puts much more push into the equation.

The history of this vehicle, which began in 1985 and which increased its popularity in 2004 when it even became a rally car, earning the nickname of the Japanese Mini for its design, today has taken an important step in its evolution, keeping the Values ​​that have enshrined it as the most desired of the Swift family, today it is also a vehicle that brings to our country a technology that helps us reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

After arriving at the town of Tres Marías, stopping for a mushroom soup and returning to Mexico City, the fuel tank gauge had not even changed, and it was at that moment that those little more than 23 km / l that promises in its data sheet they seemed more real than usual.


This version of the Swift does not come to replace any other, but to offer something that did not exist before in the brand, the Booster Green will be sold with a two-tone body and, despite the semiconductor crisis, also an audio system that It is possible to manipulate through a seven-inch touch screen, from where you control a Clarion stereo that surprised us and enlivened our way, although yes, we miss the Apple CarPlay, since it only includes Android Auto.

Regarding safety issues, in addition to the six airbags it integrates a series of electronic assistances, such as ABS brakes with electronic brake distribution and emergency braking assistant, stability control, as well as collapsible systems integrated from the structure of the car. ; In addition, so that child seats can be put, it integrates the ISOFIX anchoring system in the rear seats.

The future reached us and the Swift is preparing to stay current, with a cost-benefit ratio that today places it as one of the most accessible electrified options in the Mexican market.


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The Greek-born actress has been in our country for eight years, and has made projects for Netflix such as the two seasons of The Dragon, the seventh season of The Lord of the Skies, she has just recorded the third installment of The Queen of the South and is currently participating in the soap opera My fortune is loving you with the role of villain.

It all started when I was five years old. After school I would come home and see Marimar’s telenovela, my mother always waited for me with that telenovela and there I started with the idea of ​​wanting to be the villain one day. More than twenty years later it was possible, and partly I am next to Chantal Andere, who played the role of the mana in Marimar and right now we are the villains of the telenovela ”, Denia confesses.

I really liked this Swift, it seems to me a very comfortable car even though it is compact on the outside, it looks modern and very fashionable with that paint color, and it looks like it can be moved very easily within the city.

I feel that I could handle it without any problem and I also love that it is efficient in the consumption of gasoline ”.

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