Moby talks about his conflict with Natalie Portman again

Moby / Natalie Portman

In 2019, Moby and Natalie Portman made headlines due to a showdown that stretched back many years.. It was Moby’s biography, Then It Fell Apart, which triggered the situation since there he was talking about an alleged relationship he had with the actress of V for Vendetta when she was 20 years old.

However, the acclaimed interpreter did not take long to deny the story, explaining that it had never been a relationship in itself: “I was impressed that he described the very brief period in which I met him as ‘dating’. Because what I remember is a man much older than me, being a weirdo with me, when I had just left school. He says I was 20: That’s false. I was just 18 “.

Now, and as part of the premiere of his documentary Moby Doc and his album Reprise, the composer of “Porcelain” has been approached by the press again about his altercation with Portman. The musician assumed that there is a part of him that wishes he hadn’t written that book, although the figures indicate that not many people read it anyway. Likewise, he did not want to delve much into the subject, saying that it would take him a long time to deconstruct the whole question due to the level of complexity that these themes have.

Moby and Natalie Portman. Photo: Moby’s Instagram

“It reminds me of my favorite chess move, which my uncle taught me, where you move your knight to put the king in check but it will also eat the rook. There is no good way to answer: one option is terrible, the other is really terrible. So if we were playing chess now, this is the part where I grab my phone and pretend that I have an emergency call “was the metaphor Moby used to explain the crossroads in which he was involved as a result of his sayings.

Regarding Portman’s statements after the fact and the word he used to describe his (disturbing) behavior, Moby added: “I would not use that word. But when I was out of control, alcoholic and addicted to drugs, I definitely acted selfishly and incredibly inconsiderate towards members of my family, friends, girlfriends and people I worked with. “

He added, “But again, part of the 12-step program involves rigorous honesty. I don’t want to sound like the cliché of the aging Southern California musician, but the idea of ​​genuinely looking at your actions and making amends. It is a process that I think I went through in a thorough way. “

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