Leonardo DiCaprio: 7 Movies Based On REAL FACTS You Need To See

Since the beginning of his career, Leonardo DiCaprio He always stood out on the big screen, thanks to his talent and of course because he was a very handsome and elegant young man, in which he left his heart and soul in each role he has played in each film.

Although some films were nominated for recognized awards, DiCaprio hadn’t won a gold statuette until 2016, playing the hunter Hugh Glass at RebornA film that was based on real events, but why hadn’t he won an Oscar if he also made other films that were nominated for this award and that were based on real events? That will always be a mystery.

However, what is known is that the 46-year-old actor, has participated in several films, many of them based on stories that happened in real life, The same ones that left the public with a great taste in their mouths, since the best of him is always expected, and he has never managed to disappoint his followers and of course public criticism.

Therefore, we will reveal five films of Leonardo Dicaprio that were based on real events and what you have to see in a marathon afternoon:

1. The Wolf of Wall Street

The story full of ambition of Jordan Belfort, who was one of the great brokers of the most powerful stock market in the 90s, in the street of Wall Street, interpreted of course by Leonardo DiCaprio, showing everything fraudulent that could have happened in the United States United.

2. Catch me if you can

A dramatic comedy that is based on real events, from the life of Frank Abagnale, who impersonated airmen pilots, doctors and even lawyers to get what he wanted and of course the recognition of his father.

3. The Revenant

“The Revenant“or” El Renacido “in the Spanish translation, is based on the story of the hunter, Hugh Glass , who tries to take revenge on his companions, who left him wounded in the forest after a terrible bear attacked him, believing that he would die, a victim of the harsh winter of that time and of his injuries.


4. The Aviator

Howard Hughes, is the character that DiCaprio plays, on the tape “The Aviator“, which is about an incredible man who was upset by ambition that made great contributions to society.

7. Gangs of New York

6. Titanic

A classic, Titanic, a tape to watch it once and twice for the romantic plot it depicts with Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater, interpreted by DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, respectively, which narrates the tragedy of the shipwreck.

7. Revolutionary Path

It was after Titanic that DiCaprio shared credits with Kate Winslet in another film based on a classic novel by Richard Yachts, representing frustrated dreams and suburban despair,

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