Hernán Cristante does not want to know more about Liga MX

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After a few days ago Toluca confirm that Hernán Crispante would not continue to lead the team after his elimination from the Opening 2021, the Argentine strategist revealed that he does not want to know more about the Liga MX, for what it will look for new challenges in South America.

“My idea is to get out of Mexican soccer now, because it has been complicated for me; I was linked with ‘x’ or ‘y’ (promoters), and it is not true. Those kinds of interests do not move me, nor do they worry me. Then, I don’t want things to get confused and I really decide to work on what I like the most, “said the former player in an interview with ESPN.

This is how Toluca fired him

In the same talk, Cristante did not save anything and revealed the way in which the Red Devils They informed him that he would not continue on the team bench, a situation that he considered “very little category”.

“On Monday morning (after being eliminated by the Pumas in the Apertura playoff), I met with the managers. Yes there was a nuisance in the directive… They told me they were meeting with the council. At night, Suinaga spoke to me on the phone to tell me that he was not following anymore“The technician shared.” The day I wanted to fire the lady who worked at my house, I called her and spoke with her. Category is not purchased“He added on the same subject.

Message to Nacho Ambriz

About his successor, that is, Nacho ambriz, the Argentine wished him luck and assured that he is a person whom he appreciates very much. “Well, I appreciate Nacho. He is hardworking and above all, when you have material. Hopefully I can capitalize on it.

There are two ways to be a champion: one is to do a great investment, leading a process and trying to shorten the paths. And another is not to make a large investment, and capitalize on your journey with a little more time“he commented.


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