have a phobia that prevents you from having sex

The famous actress Jennifer Lawrence has made a confession about his sex life: he has misophobia, which prevents you from having sex because of the irrational fear of being contaminated by germs or bacteria from dirt.

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the best known actresses in Hollywood for her role in great films such as The Hunger Games, X Men and many other successes. She has won a host of awards and, for two years in a row, was the highest paid actress on the international stage.

“I don’t usually have sex because I have a germ phobia”

However, the dirty laundry has come to light, such as their fears and phobias. As she herself explained in the newspaper The Sun, “She is not used to having sex because she has a phobia of germs.” This phenomenon is a phobia related to obsessive-compulsive disorders and the person who experiences it, being an irrational fear of being contaminated by germs or bacteria.

Jennifer Lawrence / Wikimedia Commons

Jennifer Lawrence has misophobia, which is the irrational fear of being contaminated by dirt from germs / Wikimedia Commons

Misophobia can lead to anxiety and even panic attacks

Depending on the degree of the phobia, it can greatly condition the life of the person who suffers it, since he hears a irrational fear That can cause anxiety and even panic attacks, according to psychologist Laura Palomares.

As the same actress explains in this British newspaper, the simple act of hugging or greeting a person causes her a feeling of discomfort due to her phobia. In fact, Lawrence explains that you have only had sex with two people in your life and that before, he asked them for tests to find out that they did not have any sexually transmitted disease or infection.

“If I review my sexual past, I have only been intimate with two partners”

“If I review my sexual past, I have only been intimate with two couples. Always after they have been tested to show me that they do not have any sexually transmitted disease. It is very dangerous “, explains the actress of The Hunger Games on The Sun.

Despite her misophobia, Jennifer Lawrence has fallen in love and is already planning to get married. Her future husband will be Cooke Maroney, a famous director of an art gallery in New York, in the United States. According to Lawrence, she had no plans to find love, but Maroney appeared by surprise and broke all the schemes.

The actress will marry Cooke Maroney

“It was a time in my life where I was out of position and felt I was not ready to get married. However, I did meet Cooke and already wanted to marry him. We both wanted to get engaged. He is my best friend, so I want to legally bind him to me foreverJennifer Lawrence concludes.

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