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If you are thinking about a hair change, it is a good idea that you know the benefits of the mahogany color, a color that sets a trend at this time of year.

Mahogany in its different shades gives the hair a natural appearance, giving shine and light to your look.

In addition, it is a color that will make you look younger, maintaining it is relatively easy and it will illuminate your face as you cannot imagine.

Emma Stone the Ambassador

A great ambassador of this hair color is Emma Stone, who with different haircuts and hairstyles shows how good this color suits her.

On her Instagram, the famous Hollywood actress shows the perfect way to wear her hair with an enlightened and charming face.

How is the color

If you are still not sure what this color is about, we tell you that it is the mixture of a dark brown and red hair color.

The mahogany color is darker and with a brown hue and although it is currently a trend, it is timeless, that is, it will always be in fashion.

This color has different nuances, however, today women prefer those lines that bet more on the natural.

Who favors

A perfect way to carry the mahogany color is through the application of gradient techniques, which do not require maintenance or frequent touch-ups.

The mahogany color is for blondes and brunettes, but very flattering for fair-skinned women. Which is very important to Stone.

How do you take care of it

With regard to hair care, it is as is, like the rest of dyed hair, you must use appropriate products for chemicals.

You should not wash it very often so as not to lose its shine and color quickly and moisturize it frequently.

As for the way to take advantage of the mahogany color in the way of combing it, we tell you that you can wear it with all kinds of hairstyles.

It can be collected, with tails, loose polished or with loose waves.

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