Chris Hemsworth and his grueling workout to get fit (in case he wasn’t already) for Tyler Rake 2

Chris Hemsworth is training hard for the sequel to Tyler Rake. Not that he needs to do too much considering that he has already been transforming for more than a year to Thor: Love and Thunder and the Hulk Hogan movie, but the actor has to keep up and adapt to the new demands of the role, and for that the only thing that works is a very high intensity training.

That has become clear after seeing the last video that Chris Hemsworth has uploaded to their social networks in which not only has shown what it does Rather, you have explained how your routine has changed compared to the one you have been following up to now.

And it is that if during the past year Chris Hemsworth focused on a routine of strength work with weights and working with very high weights, now, to Tyler Rake 2, the australian has gone to a much more functional training, focused more on working with your own body weight that allow you to focus on the three things you will need the most for the film: strength, agility and speed.

Chris Hemsworth’s training for Tyler Rake 2

The routine is composed of 9 exercises (5 of them only core)However, to complete it, you must do 4 sets and the repetitions of each movement are only available to those who are very fit.

Who wants try your luck and see if he’s on a level with Chris Hemsworth You can try it by following the same routine, although according to the actor’s post, it seems that it is also available in the CentrFit app where there are probably variations for those who cannot continue beyond the second squat (probably most).

The main training is like this:

  • Boxing Round (Cardio) – 3 minutes
  • 50 squats (lower body)
  • 40 sit-through or high-level climbers (mobility)
  • 20 bike crunches with alternating punches
  • 20 V-sit crunches
  • 20 bike crunches
  • 20 sit ups
  • 20 Russian twists
  • 25 push-ups

Rest 2 minutes and start again until completing the 4 sets.

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