Cadillac starts with the renewal of image in its agencies

From some years to date, Cadillac has been going through an extensive renewal. Among some announcements, such as new electrified mobility schemes in their future, they also decided to completely renew their image of the sales floors.

Yesterday the first distributor in Mexico was inaugurated with this new image of the brand. The facilities stand out for having more amenities than just a car show floor. Among some of the attractions, there is a tall cafe with specialty drinks.

The details of the place go hand in hand with the new philosophy of Cadillac, which will begin to adopt a design style similar to the LYRIQ, its first electric car that will begin production next year in the United States.

The establishment was remodeled in a modular way, with materials used in some of its cars to form part of an exhibition for customers. In the same way, General Motors ensures that the entire process was supervised by the brand so that the place goes according to the new image that will be reflected in all the distributors.


“The renovated Cadillac showrooms are the perfect representation of the new image of the brand, as well as the future of our vehicles,” said Francisco Garza, president of General Motors de México. “We are working together to accelerate the process with our distributors. By the end of 2021, we will open our second Cadillac agency with a renewed image in Culiacán, ”concluded the manager.

Currently, the luxury firm of General Motors has 20 apartments for sale in all the country. It is expected that next year, agencies in Puebla, Mérida and Guadalajara begin with this change of image.


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