Antonio Cassano reveals fight with Cristiano Ronaldo on WhatsApp

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Antonio Cassano, former Italian forward, caused controversy by revealing that pEleó by WhatsApp with Cristiano Ronaldo, who claimed him for comparing him with Ronaldo Nazario, praising the Brazilian more.

Cassano spoke on Christian Vieri’s Twitch channel, BoboTv, where he assured that he did not like the Portuguese very much, so this caused the player of the Manchester United write to him on WhatsApp.

“Cristiano wrote to me on WhatsApp asking for more respect for everything he has won and for the goals he made. I’m not afraid to tell the truth, I face the whole world, from the Pope to the last on this earth.”

“I asked Gigi how I could have my number and he confirmed that he had given it to the press officer, who passed it on to Cristiano. He told me that he scored 750 goals and I only 150,” Cassano said.

Given this, he says he pointed out to Cristiano that it was like Lionel messi, who does not pay as much attention to criticism.

“Dear Cristiano, I tell you one thing: you have everything, live more calm and relaxed. Do like Messi, who does not give everything the same, instead of writing to me.”

Buffon and Chiellini You know this made me mad Cristiano, but what’s wrong with you? What problem do you have? “, He pointed to close the topic.


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