The reason that distances Raúl Ruidíaz from America

America is in the process of restructuring its squad, defines casualties, seeks accommodation for several of its players in other clubs and at the same time, works in higher-ranking reinforcements in specific areas of the field, one of them the forward due to its attack axes were not productive last semester.

In that sense, one of the names that recently joined the Eagles was the Peruvian striker Raúl Ruidíaz, an element who knows Mexican football well and who in Coapa attracted strong attention due to the termination of contract with Seattle Sounders in the MLS, which would allow you to deal directly with the player when making an offer.

Despite that, a situation got in the way and this could drive away The flea of the Americanist radar. And it is that recently, Sounders announced that Ruidíaz would continue within the team for the year 2022, since within Raúl’s contract a clause was activated that links him one more year to Seattle even though their initial bond ended.

That said, if America intends to hire RuidíazHe will first have to knock on the Seattle Sounders door and find out his claims for the player, then reach a salary agreement with Raúl, so the operation is now more complex than it initially seemed for his services.

In such a way, despite the wishes of Ruidíaz to get out of Seattle and that even Pedro Aquino would have tried to convince him to play in America, the panorama had a change with respect to the initial condition, which could be an impediment for the striker to return to Mexico and dress in cream blue.


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