The new destination of Elsa Pataky and her family on their romantic tour of Europe

When you live in Australia and have to travel thousands of kilometers on a plane to reach Europe, you better make the most of the trip. This is what they must have thought Elsa Pataky and her family, that after enjoying some romantic days in Prague now they have put heading to venice to continue doing tourism, leaving the already distant ones behind crisis rumors in the couple.

The Spanish interpreter shared with her 4.6 million followers on Instagram a carousel of picturesque images in the city of channels with her children and his sister-in-law Silvia Serra, who is married to his brother, the photographer Cristian Prieto.

The star of the saga ‘Fast and the Furious’ walked through the touristic Italian city and visited several iconic attractions such as the famous St. Mark’s Basilica. Elsa and Silvia also stopped at various stores and posed for photos with traditional masks Venetian.

Photo: Elsa Pataky in a file image.  (Getty)
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Cris Castany

This time, Chris Hemsworth He did not accompany them, since he has stayed in the Czech capital, where he is scheduled to film until next March the second part of ‘Tyler Rake’, Netflix’s hit action movie. The family already made a similar trip through Australia before the start of filming ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’.

The couple made the most of the time and shared with their followers for example a funny video of Elsa enjoying a cream filled donut without any regrets. “You look good”, joked the Australian interpreter, who next to the images wrote: “Here in Prague, grateful to have my wife teaching me his European culinary skills. ”

After the sweet snack, the couple of actors got romantic, in an affectionate photo with which they recreated the painting ‘Kiss under the bridge’ by the artist Igor Shulman. Elsa revealed in the caption that his son Sasha he was the author of the adorable image. “When you find the right painting at the right time!” Was the text chosen to illustrate the beautiful snapshot.

Before traveling to Eastern Europe, the actress made another stop, this time in Spain. The reason for his visit was to collect an award for his professional career in the International Purebred Spanish Horse Show (SICAB), in Seville. Accompanied by her three children, her mother and a nanny, Elsa Pataky She enjoyed a few days in the country that saw her grow and forge the beginnings of her successful career in the world of interpretation.

Between one visit and another on this busy journey, there has also been time for happy reunions. Thus, the Spanish woman posed with two friends with whom she had not met in Madrid for a long time. “Two years without seeing my favorite girls is a long time. Happy to be together again“Elsa wrote next to the photo of the three.

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