SHCP lowers fiscal stimulus to IEPS

By publishing its decree in the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF), which gives it formal validity within the terms specified, the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) released the new amounts of the fiscal incentives that they keep on the fuels on Mexico and that in the week that runs from this Saturday 4 to December 10, they will show a reduction in support for both gasoline as in the case of diesel.

The new downward adjustments mean a decrease in the discounts of the Special tax on production and services (IEPS) that is charged when acquiring these hydrocarbons for automotive propulsion, and of which you will pay a higher fee this week at the level detailed below:

Magna Gasoline. This presentation of gasoline that is characterized by containing less than 91 octane was modified for this week at 58.68%, when the previous one had been set at 68.36%.

This means that the fiscal stimulus corresponds to 3.0012 pesos and for each liter of ‘green gasoline’ that you purchase you will pay 2.1136 pesos of IEPS.

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Premium Gasoline. Fuel with an octane rating equal to or greater than 91 remained for the period that begins tomorrow Saturday at 31.85% of the IEPS quota, which represents a discount of 1.3756 pesos per liter when previously the proportion handled was 44.17%.

The ‘red gasoline’ will therefore have a tax of 2.9436 pesos for each liter that you load in the tank thanks to this support.

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Diesel. This oil derivative also used in transportation registers for the coming week a level of 40.03%, from the previous 47.32 and with this the stimulus will be equivalent to 2.25 pesos per liter, subtracting each driver to cover the fee of 3.3712 pesos when loading this fuel.

With these tax incentives from the Treasury, it is sought that the variations in the fuel prices stabilize in Mexico, impacting a lower IEPS rate on a lower final cost, but it should be noted that the price will finally be established by the dealers in the gas stations throughout the Republic, in whom the decision of the price falls to the consumers.

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