Canelo Angulo talks about his kidnapping: ‘I thought they would kill me’

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What “worst experience of your life” described Jesus Ricardo Angulo the express kidnapping of which he was a victim last September, an episode of which spoke for the first time publicly and he confessed that for a moment he thought they wanted to kill him along with his girlfriend, whom he only remembers praying on board the truck in which they were traveling.

The Chivas footballer assured the podcast Between Compas that at all times he sought to keep his composure and never resisted what at first seemed like an assault to steal his vehicle, but when they were detained and the criminals began to get nervous, fear made him prey.

“I really thought about everything, I was coming with my girlfriend and when they told me they only wanted the car, I was calm. I was trying to look goodI told her that everything was fine and that they only wanted the car, “said the nickname Canelo.

“At one point they got nervous and that’s when I was scared, because you think about everything: ‘They want to kidnap or kill me’; It is a very ugly feeling, my girlfriend was praying. It is the worst experience that has happened to me in my life and nothing like that has ever happened to me, “he deepened.

The press ‘helped’ to release Canelo Angulo

According to the footballer, the rapid media coverage of their express kidnapping helped them to be released faster than the thugs had thought, all this in total confusion and fear of Canelo and his partner.

“When I open the door for my girlfriend to get on, three people arrived and one was already getting on the pilot. Once upstairs, one told us that nothing was going to happen to us, that they only wanted the car; they had us upstairs for about half an hour of the car and all the roll. At the time the note was leaked, very quickly, at five minutes the note was already up and like they said ‘we better leave it up to here’ and they left us there“, said.

“They stopped the car and ran away; we stayed on top of the car, they got out and My girlfriend and I stayed bent over like five minutes, we did not know what to do”.

Without the criminals nearby, Jesús Angulo’s girlfriend used his fame to seek help in one of the main avenues of Perla Tapatia, although, ironically, whoever helped them said they did not know about soccer.

“We got out of the car and they left us in a horizontal street, we ran towards the Periférico and we told a person that we had just been robbed, if he would help us. My girlfriend stopped a car and said: ‘You know him, he’s Canelo Angulo from Chivas’; What she wanted was for them to see that we were trustworthy and the person said that he did not know about soccer, but he helped us “.


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