Grupo Gilinski doubles its bet and now launches a takeover bid for up to 31.68% of Grupo Sura

Just two weeks after the Gilinski Group launched a public acquisition offer (OPA) for the Nutresa Group, doubles its bet and launches a new takeover bid for Grupo Sura, taking advantage of the need for resources and financing of minority shareholders.

The takeover bid starts with 25.3% of the share capital of Grupo Sura and then they would rise to 31.68% of the financial conglomerate. The price proposed by the Gilinski Group for each of the Grupo Sura shares is US $ 8.01.

Grupo Sura is the largest shareholder of Nutresa Group, with a 35.7% stake. Last week, its chairman Gonzalo Pérez, reported in a three-minute video that shareholders should carefully analyze the decision to sell their shares or not.

The offer is in the hands of the Colombian financial and economic authorities, while the senior management of Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño is at a real crossroads.

Grupo Sura and Nutresa Group They are part of what has been called the GEA (Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño) a group of companies based in Antioquia that operate with a shareholding castling.

Grupo Sura, which is present in the financial services industry in 10 countries with its subsidiaries, maintains a 35.19% stake in Grupo Argos. In addition, it acts as a shareholder of Grupo Bancolombia with 46.1% of contribution, of Pension and Unemployment Protection, with 49.36%; and Enka, with 16.76%.

Notice from the Superfinanciera and BVC

On the night of this Tuesday, the Superintendency confirmed that it had “received a request for authorization of the public offer of acquisition of common shares of the issuer of the reference. The purchase price for each share of the issuer will be eight dollars of the United States of America. with one cent (USD $ 8.01), payable in cash and in Colombian pesos or United States dollars. For payment in pesos, the TRM (representative market rate) will be used, published and certified by the Financial Superintendency of Colombia in force on the award date “.

And they added: “This information is sent so that the stock trading of the securities being offered is suspended, until the day following the publication of the offer notice, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 of article 6 of Decree 2555 of 2010 “.

On the other hand, the Colombian Stock Exchange reported that “in accordance with the provisions of article of the General Regulations of the Colombian Stock Exchange, we allow ourselves to inform that JGDB Holding SAS, presented the guarantee project to participate in the takeover bid for ordinary shares of Grupo de Inversiones Suramericana SA “.


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