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The KIA EV6 is the first member of an incipient portfolio of products that will gradually begin to gain new models (such as the KIA EV9). As the first in this series, and destined to stand alone commercially for a time, the Korean electric car is designed to satisfy the needs of various types of buyers under one body, and based on the numbers that KIA echoes. we can say that the EV6 is doing its job with flying colors.

As KIA has detailed in a press release specifying the sales of its electric cars and plug-in hybrids, the KIA EV6 was the brand’s best-selling model of this type globally last September, with nothing less than nearly 7,000 EV6s finding their way to Korean brand concessions and outlets.

However, this number is not related to direct sales, but to orders of the EV6 in the raw, which also includes demo units, orders for stock, and so on. More specifically the electric KIA reaped 5,101 sales to customers, which is a superlative increase compared to 2,744 in September and even more in line with 1,911 in August.


KIA EV6 electric.

With only 2.1 percent of the brand’s global share, it could even appear that the EV6 is not fulfilling its commercial purpose, but nothing could be further from the truth, and is that the KIA electric has not yet made inroads in all the markets for which it is intended.

Among them the markets that have yet to be commercially released, it is expected that in the United States it will have a particularly good reception, since part of its design is due to the fact that KIA thought of the American public to sketch the EV6. And it is that KIA designed the EV6 thinking that it would have good reception both in the United States, as in Europe and Asia, and this means

It was already announced by KIA itself when we still did not know definitively its first electric car based on the E-GMP platform; it was going to be a segment buster. Attending to your lines It cannot be said that we are dealing with a saloon, as well as with an SUV or a minivan.

EV6 (2)

KIA EV6 electric.

Instead all the above types seem to have found their place under the same car, and running as a more than appropriate model for global marketingAnd not only is it a practical car, but it has also become one of the most popular electric cars on the internet in recent years.

In Spain the electric KIA EV6 starts from 46,450 euros before promotions and discounts from KIA and Plan Moves III. This price is linked to the electric motor of 125 kW of power (170 hp) and 350 Nm of torque, and it is powered by a 58 kWh capacity battery. In addition to the 400 kilometers of autonomy, KIA promises acceleration from standing still to 100 kilometers per hour in just 6.2 seconds.


Interior of the electric KIA EV6.

However, the EV6 is not the only electric car currently in the ranks of KIA, as share the limelight with the Soul and Niro, and the latter has just been completely renovated last week.

Another model that has enjoyed a very similar approach is Hyundai’s electric Ioniq 5, whose commercial figures we echoed days ago. To design it, Hyundai also chose to mix concepts, although this time limiting itself to launching an electric car of compact proportions and D-SUV size.


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