Mauricio Ymay reveals why he left Televisa: ‘Nobody gave me a job’

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Many still remember Mauricio Ymay at TUDN, where for years he served as special reporter for the Mexican National Team in the follow-up of friendly matches, qualifiers, tournaments and World Cups, and at the field level in large national and international games, but it is until now that reveals why he left Televisa.

Part of ESPN since 2019 as a host and panelist in discussion tables, and analyst in soccer broadcasts, Ymay confessed that he left Televisa because he had “friction” with important people who made decisions, to the point of preferring to let his contract expire than to endure more time within the company.

I had to leave Televisa, I had to. I always separate what Televisa is as a company from the people who make decisions at the time. For Televisa and Emilio Azcárraga I will always be grateful, after I did not commune with people who made decisions, I was very tired. From mid-2017 to the end of 2018, when I left, it was very exhausting, a lot of pulling, “said the driver to his former partner in TUDN, Toño de Valdés, in an interview for YouTube.

I decided that I should leave Televisa in the 2018 Russia FinalIt was a very complicated World Cup for me even though I experienced what I consider the best moment of my career, such as Mexico-Germany on the field. I knew I was going to broadcast the World Cup Final on the court and despite that I told my wife that I had to leave Televisa, I had decided. On November 1 (2018) my contract with Televisa ended and I let him die“he added.

I left Televisa and nobody gave me a job: Ymay

Was such the despair by Mauricio Ymay due to his professional situation that he left the only safe thing he had in the media without knowing that in the beginning no one would offer him a job, not even ESPN, where he currently works.

“It was difficult, painful, it took me a lot to decide, but it was time. I confess that I did not have a single job offer, but I had to leave Televisa, I could not continue there. The funny thing is that time passes and those people with whom he had friction and drawbacks are no longer even in the company, “he said.

I don’t want my daughters to be journalists: Ymay

Father of two daughters, the journalist rejects the idea that his little girls dedicate themselves to journalism, as he catalogs the middle of “hypocritical and very egomaniacal”, without wanting to go into details of particular people who they wanted to make life impossible.

“I would not love (daughters as journalists) because It is a very difficult medium and it is more so for women no matter how much they open up. It is a medium in which there are too many egos, in which it has touched me find people who compete unfairly, in which you have practically no friends. In this medium, you have to make programs with people who don’t even say ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’ to you “


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