Fight against AIDS. The Pope: guarantee fair and effective health treatments

During the General Audience on December 1, World AIDS Day, Pope Francis recalled the many people affected by this virus and asked for a renewed commitment for them. He also made present the Apostolic Journey that will begin tomorrow, indicating in particular, his visit to Lesbos, where he will go to approach humanity wounded in the flesh of so many migrants. He had a special thought for the elderly: do not neglect them, they are “our roots”, he repeated.

Fair and effective health treatments in the fight against AIDS

On World AIDS Day, during the General Audience the Pope recalled the many people affected by this virus, “for many of whom, in some parts of the world, – he said – there is no access to essential treatments” . For them, the Pontiff expressed the hope that “the commitment to solidarity will be renewed to guarantee just and effective health treatments.”

Pope asks for prayer for his trip to Cyprus and Greece

Pope also thought for the migrants, on the occasion of the trip that will begin tomorrow, December 2, to Cyprus and then to Greece, where he will go “to visit the beloved peoples of those countries, rich in history, spirituality and civilization.” . A trip, he said, “to the sources of apostolic faith and brotherhood among Christians of various denominations”, where he will have the opportunity to approach “a humanity wounded in the flesh of so many migrants in search of hope”: ” I will go to Lesbos, “Francis announced, asking everyone to accompany him with our prayers.

Keeping the elderly in the family, not neglecting them

In greeting, as usual, the elderly, the sick, the young and the newlyweds, the Holy Father launched an appeal for the former: “They must not be neglected, if they can be kept in the family, do not send them out, because the elderly are our roots and we must not neglect them “.

The season of Advent – he concluded – invites us to prepare for Christmas by accepting without fear Jesus Christ who comes among us:

“If we open the door of life to him, everything acquires a new light and family, work, pain, health, friendship, and others, become as many occasions to discover his consoling presence, the presence of Jesus in our life, the presence of Emmanuel, of the God who comes, who means God with us and to give testimony of his presence to others. So let’s get ready, opening our hearts to Christmas. “


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