Atlas remembers with pain the Semis of 2004 where Pumas eliminated them

17 years have passed And it still hurts On Atlas it took a lot to digest the elimination against Pumas in the 2004 Semifinal, so he recognized it Cristian Valdez, since in that Opening 2004 there was a lot emotion, to the extent that jokingly they imagined even streets with names of the red and black campus in case of being champions.

The destiny He put them again in the same phase and the two rivals, where El Recodo expects a different outcome and that the Foxes may access the Final, something that They haven’t been able to do it since Summer 99.

“It was my first tournament, It was the illusion that we could have broken that streak of not winningWe joked with our teammates that where they were going to put the street with the name of those who were playing, something simple, but we brought that inertia that we saw ourselves with more possibilities to advance. I’m honest, it was a strong hit that Pumas has not eliminated, but it is a mixture of important emotions, reach the Semifinal and stay on this path, it was a very hard blow”Valdez recalled in an interview for Mediotiempo.

At 2004, the moment it was very similar to the current one, first it opened series in University City and closed at Jalisco Stadium, with some Cougars that entered last and in the Quarterfinals they eliminated the leader, in that tournament it was Veracruz, in this 2021 it was America.

“Logically some tears come out of you, looking for guilty there was no, at the end of the day we did a good series, we finished a series that we received the second game, two and a half goals were scored per game, the only way to digest was to accept that Pumas was better than us. Not at the moment, after a few days or a few weeks was what I drew my conclusions, “he added.

Atlas and Pumas played with intensity

Those of the UNAM took both duels, the Going it was a dizzying 4-3 and the round 2-1. Both markers showed the intensity with which both tables played that League.

That Pumas of Hugo Sánchez brought it right, Kikin (Fonseca) was at the time, Jimmy Lozano he was doing very well, he Jerry galindo, they brought all the confidence like today, I thought that in that league we were going to take her or Rayados or us and Yes, I was a little surprised that we were left out for Pumas and that he won the title ”, he accepted.

“(Kikín) He scored a goal with his back That day, he combed a ball, a half orthodox shot, funny, but well it came out, everything came out at that moment. It was a great game in the Ida, it was very fun to see us, we missed that last milestone in Jalisco, and to this day one sees a goal, a photo keeps generating frustration and anger, because I think it was time to break that long streak.

For this reason, Valdez see this Opening 2021 like a revenge of that 2004, since he considered that it is the moment of Atlas for finish with the ghosts that have haunted the red and black.

It is the moment, I do not see another suitable moment to do it, hopefully and so be it and you also have to be very careful, the moment that Pumas lives emotionally is very strong, things are being accommodated so that Atlas arrives against the rival that I think is more accommodating in the Semifinal”, He expressed.

Clapped what was done by Diego Cocca, which he criticized for defensive, but now he gives the reason for where he has the Foxes.

I hope that the revenge will be given. How sad that since 2004 it has come to Semifinals, I wish you the best. I have rarely seen the Atlas not as a victim, and he is feeling very good with this situation, if he is the team that can feel like a favorite, for me it is a favorite against Cougars, with all the respect it deserves, this is atlas timeI am not saying it in the Semifinal, but from here to the crown, first of all God ”, he mentioned.

The Going the Thursday on the Mexico City at 9:00 p.m. and the Sunday the key is closed in Guadalajara at 19:00 hours.


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