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Since the live action of 2009, there has been no news about a new installment of Dragon Ball Z. However, the internet imagined what Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ would look like as one of the most iconic villains in the saga. Here we show it to you.

Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock, is an actor who wins the hearts of the people in every movie that comes out. From Training Dad to Jumanji: Into the Jungle, to Jungle Cruise, the ex-wrestler has proven to be a good performer in action movies. However, would you imagine him entering the world of Dragon Ball Z like a villain?

There was someone who did. This is the Brazilian digital artist known as Samukarts, on Instagram, a social network in which he gathers more than 25 thousand followers. In it, he lets his imagination fly by reinterpreting popular culture actors with characters from anime, zombie series and all kinds of current geek projects. For example, he has cast Angelina Fernández, actress who gave life to La Bruja del 71, in El chavo del ocho, as Uranai Baba, the elder sister witch of Master Roshi.

On this occasion, he cast the protagonist of Black Addam as Broly, the star villain who starred in the 2018 animated film Dragon Ball Super: Broly. It must be remembered that this saiyan survived, along with his father, the destruction of his home planet at the hands of Freeza. Thanks to the violent training he was forced to undergo, he became (along with Goku) the Legendary Super Saiyan. Although at first it was bad, his ideology changes and everything seems to indicate that he will join the cause of Los Guerreros Z to defend humanity and show who of the whole group is the strongest.

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Since 2009’s Dragonball Evolution, there has been no news of a new live action being planned for Akira Toriyama’s story; However, if I were to see another, Would you like to see The Rock as a saiyan? Too, remember that you are cooking a new anime tape, titled Dragon Ball Super: Superhero. We know very little about it, but more information will be released soon as its premiere is planned for 2022. Wow was it to be a fan of Goku!

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