The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 12

We reviewed the league’s pecking order after 12 days of activity in the regular season

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After 12 weeks of campaign action, this is what it looks like the hierarchical order of the 32 NFL teams, according to the Power Rankings:

Note: The numbers in parentheses correspond to the position of each team in the previous week.

The Patriots have a solid defense, a reliable kicker and a young quarterback who limits mistakes, does that remind you of anything? – EC

Green Bay is still without consecutive losses under Matt LaFleur when, in the betting, the Rams came out as favorites. Now comes a bye week in a key week to perhaps recover some players towards the end of the season, where they have an extremely interesting game left on their visit to Baltimore. – LMV

Mysteriously, Kliff Kingsbury’s name jumped among Oklahoma’s supposed targets to cover Lincoln Riley’s surprise exit, and that only means one thing: it’s time to pull out the checkbook in Arizona, with only one year left on the head’s contract. coach. – RZ

Lamar Jackson had probably the worst game of his career after throwing four interceptions, yet the Ravens still found a way to beat the Browns and now ride in the driver’s seat in the AFC. – EC

Tampa Bay solved one of the toughest games left on the schedule with a brilliant performance from running back Leonard Fournette. If they can be consistent in the running game, then they immediately come back to the conversation as one of the big contenders in the National. The Colts’ play selection in the second half also left a lot to be desired, but they are not to blame for this. – LMV

Patrick Mahomes is the first to acknowledge that it has been the defense that has stood up for the Chiefs in recent weeks, and he is fine, but it would be even better if the offense began to play at the level of its potential. – RZ

Josh Allen must limit turnover because he won’t always face less responsive teams like the Saints. – EC

Cincinnati returned to teach in a divisional commitment and they boast a 3-1 record in this type of commitment. They swept the annual series against the Steelers, but they still have very difficult duels against the Chargers, Chiefs, Ravens and, to close the year, visiting the Browns. They urge to be consistent to stay on the lookout for Baltimore, and they continue to pray that loss to the Jets doesn’t end up making the difference this season. – LMV

Mike Vrabel’s team can no longer be trusted as a candidate to win it all, and even a potential eventual return from Derrick Henry is not going to fix everything that goes wrong here. – RZ

Not only have the Rams not won since the arrival of Odell Beckham Jr., but their offense has been virtually non-existent. Maybe it’s time to end the experiment before the dream of playing the Super Bowl at home turns into the nightmare of an early elimination from the playoffs. – EC

You can understand many things when a team has been so decimated by injuries in key positions – and also by the controversial decisions of the officials – but previously the lone star team seemed a safe bet and now because of their recent presentations they do not. it is known whether they will outperform Washington (twice), the Giants and the Eagles in their remaining divisional games. – LMV

The Niners are coming back to their best at the right time this season, but now they will have to maintain that intensity in Week 13 without their best defensive player, linebacker Fred Warner. – RZ

Indianapolis had a chance to deal a serious blow to the champion Buccaneers, but it lacked that killer instinct to finish the job, something inexplicable for a team that has the best running back in the NFL today, Jonathan Taylor, with the ability to finish. with the clock. – EC

Denver got a real tank of oxygen with their home win over the Chargers and now they are heading for the divisional top next weekend on their visit to the Chiefs, when this seemed downright far-fetched a few weeks ago. Patrick Surtain should send a schedule to Justin Herbert after the two interceptions that helped the locals win the win. – LMV

The Raiders put on a great display on Thanksgiving, taking advantage of their opponent’s key absences to pull off a tough game on the road. The pending issue remains, however, to cut the number of yellow handkerchiefs if they are to transcend. – RZ

Regardless of how painful and costly their loss in Denver may be, the Chargers must be concerned about the irregularity Justin Herbert has shown in recent weeks. The Bolts have a talent for competing for a playoff spot, but they need the quarterback to keep up or they won’t get anywhere. – EC

All the momentum Minnesota had gained last week with its win over Green Bay immediately fizzled out with the loss to the 49ers as they continue to complicate life in the North Division and the Wildcard Round ticket took a heavy hit as they lost. against a direct rival in this contest. Added to this, Dalvin Cook’s departure for a few weeks will make them a one-dimensional team again and this is never good news with Kirk Cousins ​​at the controls. – LMV

The start of the second half of the schedule has been perfectly suited to Miami, and as Tua Tagovailoa gains confidence, Jaylen Waddle also begins to emerge among players with aspirations for the Defensive Rookie of the Year award. – RZ

The Browns are a long way from that playoff contender they looked like earlier in the season, with an offense that has waned behind an ineffective Baker Mayfield and a running game that has lost steam. It seems that the dream ended very quickly in Cleveland. – EC

It has been three consecutive weeks without a victory for Pittsburgh, but the worst of this streak is that against the Chargers “miraculously” they got into the fray and now the game was defined from the second quarter. An overwhelming 31-3 at halftime tore the soul of a team that is aiming for its first season with a losing record under the control of Mike Tomlin and thus breaking a streak they have had since 2003 when they were still with Bill Cowher. – LMV

For how limited Washington’s offensive Arsenal is, starting with the man at the trigger, Taylor Heinicke, we must recognize a great job of coach Scott Turner to maximize the potential of the attack by winning with execution in plays that do not surprise the defense. – RZ

The Falcons simply have to work to get the ball into the hands of Cordarrelle Patterson and wait for the spark to ignite, they have no other reliable player on offense capable of igniting this team, including Matt Ryan. – EC

When it looked like the Astros were lining up for Philadelphia with their back-to-back wins and the Cowboys collapse, then came a devastating loss on their visit to the Giants. New York is a team on the rise and the Eagles were its latest victims in a game that could define their season when the tiebreaker criteria for who will win the NL East. – LMV

Trevor Siemian is no closer to being the definitive answer to the season for the Saints than I am as a quarterback, and that speaks highly of Taysom Hill. It’s time to see what Ian Book has to offer. – RZ

The Giants defense did a great job against Philadelphia, intercepting Jalen Hurts three times and slowing down their running attack, unfortunately their offense is still a drag that did not allow them to take a more bulky victory. – EC

Chicago needed its five-game losing streak forcibly and found the perfect opponent to do it: the Lions.

It was not even close to the most convincing victory, but I don’t know if all the fans will be happy with this because perhaps more than one would have preferred the stumble and thus end the era of Matt Nagy, who at least had one more week to live before. embarking on a string of games against the Cardinals, Packers and Vikings. – LMV

The bells were thrown too hastily in Carolina for Can Newton’s return as a starter, and the challenge’s difficulty level only intensifies without Christian McCaffrey for the remainder of the road. – RZ

Zach Wilson didn’t have his best game, but the Jets still found a way to win in Houston, showing that even bad teams have differences. – EC

We knew that Seattle’s offense was deplorable, but there are two data that the game threw against Washington that reveal the mockery that this results. They only added 10 first chances and were outscored in time of possession by more than 23 minutes. After seeing this, it’s amazing that they had the opportunity at the end of the game to send him into overtime. – LMV

Doubts are beginning to emerge as to whether David Culley is really the one to turn the project around in Houston. – RZ

Admittedly, Trevor Lawrence has maintained his composure despite the accumulation of losses and especially the lack of talent around him with receivers who manage every week to find new ways to drop their passes. – EC

It’s hard to write something that could give Lions fans a bit of excitement in another tough season, but maybe they should circulate the game against the Seahawks, even if it’s in someone else’s yard, to think about at least getting a win.

It was the fourth game in the season that they lost by less than one possession and the third loss they suffered on the last play of the game. Is that any use? LMV

They participate in the elaboration of the NFL Power Rankings for ESPN: Erick Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafa Zamorano (RZ)


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