Suspension for Trysten Hill of two games for slapping the face of John Simpson

Sources informed ESPN’s Todd Archer that the defensive tackle would appeal the two-game veto penalty imposed by the league.

The NFL suspended the defensive tackle of the Dallas Cowboys, Trysten Hill, without pay for two games this Monday, after his slap to the guard of Las Vegas Raiders, John Simpson, at the end of the defeat of Dallas on Thanksgiving Day.

The suspension was issued by the vice president of operations of the NFL, Jon Runyan, for violations of the rules of unnecessary violence and unsportsmanlike conduct.

“After the meeting Las Vegas Raiders-Dallas Cowboys On November 25, you engaged in conduct that this office deems unnecessary violence and shows a lack of sportsmanship. Specifically, while both teams were exchanging handshakes, you waited more than 50 seconds for your opponent at the 50 yard line. When you spotted him, you then walked in his direction, and in the opposite direction toward your locker room. They both engaged in a verbal confrontation, chest to chest, which you escalated with an open-handed blow to his mask, with enough force to knock off your opponent’s helmet, “he wrote. Runyan in his letter to Hill.

Hill will be appealing the suspension, a source told Todd Archer of ESPN. Derrick Brooks or James thrash, who were appointed jointly and receive salary from the NFL and NFLPA, will issue a ruling on the appeal.

If Hill’s suspension is maintained, he would be eligible to return to the active roster of the Cowboys Monday, December 13. He would lose matches against New Orleans Saints next Thursday, and against the Washington Football Team December 12th.


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