prank some kids about Rocky

  • The legend of cinema Sylvester Stallone try some kids if you know his iconic character from Rocky… And this is the result of the joke.
  • Sylvester Stallone does not stop showing deleted scenes from ‘Rocky IV’ (with Drago) for his new montage.
  • ‘Rocky vs Drago’: As the fourth edited installment comes out, Sylvester Stallone announces a documentary.

    Once upon a time (or as always, go) Sylvester Stallone doing his thing on Instagram. This time, take some kids, and tries to spend a joke about his identity … But the new generations are clear about who he is Rocky.

    “Who do you think I am?” Stallone says to a group of children with a golf club in hand showing off muscles. “Rocky,” the children say in unison. But Sly is playful and says that “I am his twin brother, he has not come today, but well” … The children do not fall for it, and they ask him if “can we take a selfie?”. Stallone gives in, and everyone has taken the photo together.

    Meanwhile, and in case there are any clueless, Sly has already finished editing a remastering of ‘Rocky IV’, and it seems that he has taken advantage of all the deleted scenes of the film to also record a documentary, ‘Rocky vs Drago ‘, who will be focused on his fight beyond the ring with the Soviet fighter.

    As always, it was Sly in charge of announcing it on his Instagram: “Now for good news! We shot a full documentary behind the scenes while reissuing ROCKY 4, and this is a small sample. When the movie comes out it will be called. ‘ROCKY VS DRAGO – The ultimate directors cut ‘. Enjoy and keep hitting ”. In a minute of video, we see him in his office viewing all kinds of images, focused on his fight with Drago, and thinking about each decision about the scenes, especially those that refer to the fight with the giant blond.

    35 years after the premiere of ‘Rocky IV ‘, the movie with the best boxing scenes in history, Sylvester Stallone has announced that a new cut by the director is prepared with unpublished material. After posting a deleted scene on Instagram with his friend and rival Drago (Dolph Lundgren), he has not stopped showing us little pearls that he has had hidden for too long. And he, every time he publishes material, shows himself a little more proud of his work of art. Now everything has a meaning. And even more so if we see what the reception is like among the youngest.

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