Liga MX clubs ‘attack’ Psycho Clown after calling them ‘clowns’

Psycho Clown, one of the fighters most popular of the AAA, has gotten into a great controversy, well after lunged against him mexican socceroy considered ‘that there are more clowns without a mask there than in wrestling ‘, there have been multiple responses against him.

The equipment of the MX League They did not remain silent, because after their statements became viral, they responded to the fighter, inviting him to their stadiums so that play against them and see ‘if it is very spikey’ as it claims to be, generating a dispute on social networks.

What did Psycho Clown say that made Liga MX angry?

In an interview with the newspaper ‘Récord’, Psycho Clown I declare that within Mexican soccer there are more clowns than in wrestling, making reference, perhaps, to the exaggerations of some players in the field and actions of technicians or others involved, for which it generated great controversy.

I’m sure I can get in trouble for this answer, but I think Mexican soccer has more clowns. I don’t want to go into details, but I’m sure Many people and my fans, they will agree with me”Said the AAA fighter.

Following these statements, amateurs of the teams started criticizing him but that was not all, well he reiterated that he does not regret his words and he gave rise to his followers to give their opinion, so Liga MX teams attacked him.

Clubs like Xolos, Santos, León, Pachuca, FC Juárez, Querétaro and Atlas, they attacked Psycho Clown, making it clear that they were not clowns and that whenever he wanted he could go to their stadiums to face them, of course, if he was not afraid.

The AAA wrestler he was not silent and in a way he made fun of each club again, leaving responses that unleashed two sides on social networks; soccer fans defending their teams and those of Psycho Clown, who agreed with his words.


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