Imminent permanence of Santiago Solari opens the door to exchange Uriel Antuna-Sebastián Córdova

Uriel Antuna is a player who has Santiago Solari in his sights and in Chivas they do not see with bad eyes adding Sebastián Córdova

What seemed unlikely, due to the existing sporting anger, could be put aside if the negotiations between Chivas and America that seek a “bomb” change for both institutions.

First of all, ESPN Digital you can assure that what started in this space as a possibility is welcomed by the directives. The barter between Uriel Antuna for Sebastián Córdova has the palomazo of both sides, which could trigger the end of the year news.

In America they assure me that Santiago Solari remains in the team despite the painful elimination he had against Pumas. The strategist who led the Eagles to the overall leadership is almost a given that he remains at the forefront of Coapa’s team as a strategist. Why does this come up? Simple, Solari likes the Chivas winger, Uriel Antuna too much, and asked without question that he be hired for the azulcrema team.

Secondly, In Chivas they do not look down on Antuna’s departure either, since they need a footballer with the characteristics of Córdova and those elements do not swarm in our football environment..

The idea that Alexis Vega was another option was considered, but this is not real, Santiago Solari looks favorably on Antuna and is willing to release Córdova, who was debuted by Michel Leaño and is also an acquaintance of Ricardo Peláez.

Things have already been seen and the talks would begin soon if they had not already done so. So confirmed, the exchange between both teams could take place and break that promise of Jorge Vergara not to bring more players from America to the rojiblancas ranks. We will have to wait if the time comes to achieve a business that sounds good for the clubs, but very bad for the fans.


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