Humani Corporis Fábrica fuses medicine, psychology and dance to create stage shows full of poetry

With the purpose of creating and producing dance pieces and plays based on the study, analysis and reflection of human anatomy, disease and its implications in daily life and way of inhabiting the world, in 2019 the doctor, psychologist, playwright and photographer Daniel Mosqueda and contemporary dance teacher Rocío Martínez decided to found the company Humani Corporis Fábrica.

The company, based in the city of Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, has been successful with works such as Thelma’s Flight, Cuerpos and Locus Coeruleus. In an interview, the founders comment: “What we wanted to do was work with the anatomy of the body and graphic issues within art, within dance.”

Rocío Martínez says that, in 2018, she and Daniel began with the idea of ​​researching the body, the disease and the mind, not so much to form an artistic company; Personally, he says, his interest is focused on “something as crude as illness” and, from that, getting to do something poetic in dance.

With studies of a Bachelor of Philosophy at the University of Guanajuato, a Bachelor of Contemporary Dance at the University of the Arts of Aguascalientes, as well as a Diploma in Anatomy for the stage by the International Meeting of Research of the Living Arts (ENIAV) and different disciplines such as classical ballet, contemporary dance, contact improvisation and yoga, Rocío Martínez points out that the name of Humani Corporis Fábrica (of the structure of the human body or the construction of the human body), was taken from the first book of anatomy that was written in the year 1543.

“Daniel studied medicine and psychology, and from the personal interest I have in the harshness of the body and the harshness of a disease, we decided to do research with the purpose of creating and producing dance pieces and plays based on the study, analysis and reflection of human anatomy, disease and its implications in daily life ”, he points out.

For his part, Daniel Mosqueda details that the company’s repertoire consists of three works. The first is a 10-minute dance called Cuerpos, whose author is Rocío Martínez herself; a piece that, according to the creator, reflects passages of doubt, questioning and amazement to inhabit this body. “It is a reflection thought from the poetic image, a series of moments about a questioning of our daily life, the emptiness, abandonment, manipulation, needs, the encounter with other bodies, saturation, rawness and fragility”.

The second is a 10-minute play called Locus Coeruleus (in Latin, a blue place), directed by Daniel Mosqueda and in which only the two participate. “Thelma’s Flight” (a monologue with the performance Daniela Vasch) is the company’s third work, lasting one hour and twenty minutes by the playwright Jorge Terrones. It is about a person who is about to commit suicide and is remembering everything difficult in his life, the anguish and the reasons that lead Thelma to conceive of reality as a sterile ground for her life.

(Photo: Thelma’s flight: Víctor Góngora / Bodies: José de Jesús Reyna / Locus Coeruleos: Juan Mosqueda / Notes on fragility: Daniel Moqueda / Logo: Humani Corporis Fábrica)

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