El Hormiguero: Jennifer Aniston, in ‘El Hormiguero’: “I am not a person with a very difficult character, I go straight to the point”

ANDthis wednesday ‘The Hormiguero 3.0‘I interviewed the actresses Jennifer Aniston and Reese Whiterspoon who presented the second season of their series’The morning show‘.

The series, where Aniston and Whiterspoon are protagonists and producers, it is about the morning TV shows where they echo various current issues such as the movement #MeToo.

“The Morning Show is an exploration of the dark side of TV shows and the whole #MeToo topic. All the abuses of power, complicity, silence, those who knew, those who did not... Anyway, it is a very complex and interesting topic, “he explained. Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston, during the interview in 'El Hormiguero' /

Jennifer Aniston, during the interview in ‘El Hormiguero’ /Antenna 3

They were scared when recording the series

Reese whiterspoon He related what it was like to record the series in times of the coronavirus pandemic: “It was a moment when we were very scared because we were concerned about our safety and that of the workers. “

“We had to rewrite the scriptss taking into account this new situation that affected the whole world, “he added on what was influenced by the health crisis that the planet is experiencing.

Reese Whiterspoon, during her interview in 'El Hormiguero' /

Reese Whiterspoon, during her interview in ‘El Hormiguero’ /Antenna 3

For its part, Jennifer Aniston acknowledged that they were inspired by television shows to record: “We have been inspired by you (‘El Hormiguero’), we have noticed how people have worked despite everything that was happening “.

Aniston explained the personality of the character she plays in ‘The morning show’ and how she mixes it with her persona: “I am not a person with a very difficult character, I’m going straight to the point, I am not carried away by genius, but when I play a character like this, I search inside to see where I have that locked anger and use it“.

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