Chivas runs out of its two “foreign signings”; old acquaintances return

Erick Roqueta and Oriol Pastor leave the Chivas. The former was the first team’s physical trainer, while the latter served as head of the kinesiology department in the fold.

Guadalajara already has its new coach ready: it is an old acquaintance of Marcelo Michel Leaño and it is already in the planning, preparing everything for the return of the chiverío next December 6.

Roqueta leaves because he has a job offer: He will go to Bayer Leverkusen, and when evaluating being close to home, he made the determination to leave the herd, although it is possible to make the precision that he will not go to the first team but to lower forces.

In the case of Oriol, who lived with Roqueta, When his friend had made up his mind to return to Europe, he asked for a salary increase. The difference between what the directive offered him and what he requested was small, but they could not reach an agreement.

The kinesiology department will have a new head. Both professionals arrived in Guadalajara at the invitation of Leaño.

Adrián Cruz and Leaño meet again

Chivas’ new physical trainer is Adrián Cruz, who has already worked with current Guadalajara coach Leaño in the lower ranks and has experience in other Liga MX teams.

Cruz was already working on coordinating the physical preparation of the Guadalajara club at different levels even in basic forces, such as the Tapatío, the U-20, the U-18 and now he is given the opportunity to be in the first team.

Cruz also coincided with Leaño at Necaxa, he was also at the time with América, San Luis and Indios de Ciudad de Juárez.



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