Chivas, America and the tweet that would age badly about changing players

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There are tweets that age badly… And although eight years have passed from the date of publication, fans of Chivas and America have a lot of memory now that there is the latent possibility of a player exchange between the two institutions that – supposedly – star in the greatest rivalry of the MX League in the National Classic.

With the news of a possible exchange that would send Uriel Antuna to America and Sebastián Córdova to Chivas, a couple of messages dating from 2013 resurface on Twitter in which both clubs categorically deny the possibility of hiring players from the enemy side, in the case of the Flock, stating that there are “firm ideals” and that wearing a rojiblanco azulcrema violates nature.

“At Chivas our ideals are firm. No player who belongs to Guadalajara could be negotiated with America”, says the tweet of June 3, 2013, times when the late Jorge Vergara was still the strong man of the club and who always emphasized the great rivalry with the Eagles.

“Club América, current Mexican soccer champion, reports that there is no interest in any player from the current Chivas squad”, published the team that at that time boasted the crown after the unforgettable Final against Cruz Azul.

Players who have been in Chivas and América

In the 90s and the beginning of the new century, the exchanges of players between these two clubs seemed “our daily bread”, since historical people like Oswaldo Sánchez, Ramón Ramírez, Ricardo Peláez and Joel Sánchez passed non-stop through the two institutions.

In fact, the recently “brushed” by Chivas, Oribe Peralta, arrived in Guadalajara from Las Águilas; Another current case in the Rojiblancos is that of Jesus Molina, who was champion with the azulcremas in both Liga MX and Concachampions.


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