Artificial Intelligence in medicine What is it for us?

Normally when we hear about Artificial Intelligence in medicine, the first thing that comes to mind are robots or machines doing something, however, it is nothing other than the development of software that, applied in medical devices with millions of records, allows a health specialist to more accurately diagnose various diseases.

Just two years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we see that the use of technology in medical imaging equipment has increased. The use of portable equipment, with applied Artificial Intelligence, is increasingly common, a trend that is setting the Latin American market and that encourages doctors and clinical professionals to have the benefits offered by digital technologies for decision-making and strengthening of health in the societies that make up the region.

It is Fair in Latin America where the main investments in radiology and imaging equipment take place, mainly they continue to be generated mainly in the private sector, while in Europe the acquisitions of the public sector prevail.

Just derived from this Ocean Medic -company specialized in imaging equipment- was awarded in 2020 for having reached second place worldwide in the distribution of radiology and imaging equipment VINNO, with Peru being the first place, in the same year, above European countries, such as Germany and France.

This leadership achieved in the region is the result of specialization in the area of ​​imaging. In our case, we represent international brands exclusively with national coverage. Radiologists and health professionals are backed by a team of engineers and technicians who provide accompaniment, advice and support so that these equipment, which are the latest generation, work in optimal conditions and allow a better consultation and diagnosis. precise. This is exactly where we see Artificial Intelligence applied.

Technological development in state-of-the-art medical equipment is of great importance, since it allows to implement improvements in the equipment, through constant feedback with biomedical engineers and professionals from the health sector, resulting in the timely implementation of innovations that mark the difference in the development of technologies, and the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) consequence of a long-term continuous improvement thinking.

As an example of innovation hand in hand with specialists in the field, five years ago, for example, vascularity in certain types of tumors was not detected with an ultrasound, but now it is possible thanks to the high resolution available to the equipment of high-end imaging.

Another example, in obstetrics that, to monitor pregnancies, the traditional 3D was used, with which the embryos were seen as dolls. Now we have the 4D and the 5D, with which the characteristics of the embryo or fetus are appreciated more clearly ”.

In Mexico the figure of the biomedical engineer is gaining relevance, therefore many universities are beginning to implement it, even their first generations are about to graduate.

It is a career that has also grown, taking great relevance as the latest generation technology is implemented in the health sector, we call this medical engineering.

*Raul Rodriguez, CEO Ocean Medic, He has a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Iberoamericana de Puebla.

For 15 years, it has focused on providing solutions in medical equipment.


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