The Mexican National Team does not leave the CDMX, unless FIFA removes sanctions

In the Mexican Soccer Federation yes there is the idea of ​​leading to Selection to other states of the country, such as Guadalajara, but the sanctions imposed by the FIFA, generated by the cry to be eradicated, prevent it.

“Today it is difficult to think about leaving the Mexico City due to the penalties we have. If the sanctions are confirmed, we would only have two games left in the CDMX, against USA and The SaviorIn March, if so, they will have to be played here, “he explained. Yon de Luisa, president of the Mexican Soccer Federation.

The federative pointed out that: “if the possibility of playing these games behind open doors is opened, we would study taking them to other states of the Republic“, but he insisted that,” if it is behind closed doors they will be here (Mexico City).

And to know what will proceed with said punishments, From Luisa He mentioned that they are still awaiting resolution. “We are awaiting the process of the Appeals Commission, we are planning the matches for the month of January (2022) with both scenarios, behind closed doors or open if the commission manages to change the sentence. “

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The president of the FMF reiterated that the commissioner’s report in the match against Canada “surprised us a lot because it was ambiguous and inaccurate”, a situation that has them awaiting the resolution of the Disciplinary Commission.


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